Monday, November 14, 2011

The rare aligning of stars

There's gotta be some kind of award given for a time in your life when everything falls into place.  Some kind of trophy or certificate to prove to yourself and those around you that it CAN, in fact, happen.  Or maybe to just remind yourself of such a time on a day when, say, your kid wakes up puking at 3am, the hair dryer breaks mid-dry, and you run out of gas.  

I'd frame that award and proudly display it in my entry way.  

With a spotlight.

That kind of stuff just doesn't happen on a regular basis.  So, when Veteran's Day approached you can imagine my delight when all of these things fell into place.

1. AV brilliantly and successfully honored Uncle Visor with pins for all to wear.

2. All of the Parks kids, gramma, and grand kids were healthy and happy and patiently waiting.

3. Brains tried out for and received the highest honor an 8th grade symphonic band member can achieve---Drum Major!  And he got to lead the band during our local Veteran's Day Parade.

4. PS. It didn't rain.  

What are the odds?

I'd better head to Vegas pronto.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Not a huge fan

Of Halloween, that is.

Orange and black?  

Least fave color combo. (unless you count peach and teal)

Spiders and bats?  

Least favorite creatures. (unless you count cockroaches and everyone knows that's a given)

Candy busting out of every seam? 

Least favorite thigh addition. (unless you count those high waisted, pleated Z Cavariccis from 1989)

But then something   magical   happens.  

Halloween night arrives and I get me some of this:

A little of this:

Some of this:

And a whole lotta this:

And I officially declare Halloween my most favorite holiday!! (for right now)  

I put a lot of thought and pondering into my opinions.

About as much thought and pondering as I put into those over sized shirts with the throw-pillow-like shoulder pads I wore circa 1990.

And we all know how that turned out.

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