Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The nice weather can change things

Like one of my favorite book characters once said, "I much prefer whining to counting my blessings". So with that in mind, lets take a look at my house today.

11 year old boy and his newest bestie receive extra wood from a nearby building site. It was decided to build a dog house for Rue.

Generally, I begin to break out in hives and my armpits squirt violently when I imagine/see a project such as this.
Maybe it's the after shocks of a messy yard that resembles a ghetto. It could be the muddy clothes that need to be soaked in stain remover as soon as they are removed. Possibly it's the stinky "man" smell that accompanies these mini-men after said project is over.
Or it could be the use of a power saw without a dad around to monitor. Yup, I'm pretty sure it's the power saw that really gets my armpits going. My OCD really kicks in during these types of situations. Tho you'd never know. I keep my secret neuroses under wraps. (I've convinced myself this is true. Future possible therapy sessions my children might need could say something different but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, mmmkay?)
Pan over to the left and lookie what we have going on over here. SOMEone clearly forgot the rule to never play outside without shoes on.
Or the rule to never scowl at your mama.
Or the one about never wielding any sharp objects under the ruse of "sand toys". While playing with the neighbor kid. With no shoes on. In the dirt where there are rogue nails from a big brother's building project.
But I'm trying to give a little on the rules these days. You know, the spirit of "boys will be boys" and "just let the kids play outside" and stuff. If I end up blogging from the ER anytime soon those rules will be firmly back in place in the form of vinyl lettering in my kitchen.

Happy Good Weather Day everyone!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Race #5

Shed totally smoked me this year you gize.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Sup Nerds?

WOW. I thought the holidays were busy. But no. NOW is when life gets crazy. Can't say why. Just is. Here are a few things until I can get my blog energy back.

1. I cut 3 boys and 1 man's hair once a month. Times by 12,..divide by 4,...carry the 1.....yup. I've officially saved us a bajillion dollhairs.

2. Making the bed. I like it to look made but at what point in the day is it "too late"? Cuz you're just going to get right back in in about X number of hours/minutes.

3. It's becoming very clear that the testosterone levels in my house are rising at a rapid pace and I need to compensate. Pedicure. Yes. And................smelly candles. Yeah! That'll teach em.

4. Food intake is also going up with those rising levels of testosterone. I must now heat up two whole frozen pizzas for dinner instead of the one.

5. Pioneer Woman donuts. I can't get them off my mind.

6. So what if I've gone out to lunch with a friend EVERY DAY this week? So. What.

7. Sleeping. Mmmmmm. I love my bed. It misses me tho. I want to have a closer relationship with it. I think I'll name him Norm. Hi Norm. I miss you.

8. Panera came to town. We are new BFF's.

9. I found out today that my oldest is failing a couple of subjects at school right now because he is reading his books instead. Hmmm. Tricky.

10. Disneyland. Give a day. Get a day. We are doing it. More on that later.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Reverence time

This is what occupied Cracker during all of sacrament mtng. From
memory you gize!! It' Weird. And cute.

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