Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Graham Crackers are Good

But Grahamy-Bears are better

Clara agrees.

Cuz she's tasted both.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm not what you'd call adventurous

I've lived in exactly two places.

1- B-town
2-Provo, UT (during my years at college)

I never intended it to be like that.  I always assumed I'd fall in love and marry a guy from another state and possibly live there,....or my hubby would have a job that would take him around the country perhaps?

But assumptions hardly ever turn out how you think.

Like, when I assumed the speed limit on R. Hwy was 60.

Or when I assumed that Char would wipe his feet before entering the house after playing in the mud.

Also, when I assumed that you couldn't really see that hole in my yoga pants.

I could go on and on but a voice inside my head is telling me to stop and I'm gonna go ahead and take it's advice.

I love my life and have no complaints.  But the point is that I live in a bubble.  I was raised her.  I have family here.  I know a brazillion people here.  The technical term I use for my situation is "isn't my life adorable" (said condescendingly).

I've become acutely aware of this as I've become currently obsessed with this show:

As well as my inability to turn off the TV when this is on:

I don't have any plans to move, considering mi esposo has his bizness here.  But if you gize hear of a job for him so  I could live for, say, a year  in a high rise apartment building, remote farmhouse in the European countryside, or a bungalow near the beach in Belize......you let me know.

Then I'll come back to B-town and slip right back into my bubble.  Soapy feet and all.

Friday, March 04, 2011


For lack of a better way to describe it, I like to think of my life as running in parallels.  Basically I'm re-doing my life in male form but now I get to be the parent.  That provides a lot of upsides.  I get to pick what we eat for dinner, put someone in their room for misbehavior, make the little people in my life do chores and no one can make me sit at the dinner table until I finish my spinach, which ends in gag/vomiting.  Come to think of it, maybe that's why Char threw a fit last night about tasting that homemade smoothie I'd given him.  I'll make note to ponder on that at another time.

Anyhoo, recently my oldest hooligan performed in a county-wide honor band performance.  There were tryouts and kids from schools all over the county could attempt a spot.  Brains made 6th chair out of 12 trumpets.  Lots of practice and rehearsal weeks later it was time to attend the big shindig. 

Here's a pic during his solo.  SOLO.  I'm approximately 5,023 feet away here so I couldn't really tell if he felt good about it at the time.  But I'm pretty sure he nailed it.

The reason this parallels my life is that this band event was held in the same venue that I performed my Nutcracker ballet at the same age as Brains is now. 

I don't remember specifically what I was thinking at this moment.  But I'm pretty sure I nailed it.

Largely in part due to Aunt Visor sewing this taffeta dress for my debut as a girl in the party scene that year. Yes, I was a boy two years in a row prior and that has nothing to do with my possible desire for a trip to the therapist to do a little analysis. 

Who doesn't want a therapist to analyze them right?

::crickets chirping::

Well, it was really fun to see him perform in such a cool thing.  There were guest directors that came from all over the country and they commented multiple times on how great these students were and how lucky B-town is to have such a supportive musical community.  I'd have to agree. 

And yes, Char DID play his iTouch through 58% of the program but we were up high and no one could tell.

Speaking of Char......parallel numero dos.

Every day after I pick him up from the bus it takes no more than 7.4 seconds for the doorbell to ring.  Char's bestie, Z-train, lives right next door.  They attended the same kindergarten class together last year and are inseparable.  The 3 hours between school and dinner consist wholly and emphatically of play time with Z.  My play room can prove it.  I tried to get something out of there yesterday and I still have the Lego imprinting on my foot.  But I digress.

Z-train and Char can play for hours without stopping to take a breath.  They move from backyard, to playroom, to Wii, to computer, to front yard with Razor's, to Z's house on occasion.  I'm convinced they dream about each other at night playing Pokemon or some sort of jungle rescue. 

His family is from Jordan originally and they have strong accents.  So Z has always pronounced Char's name "Sharleee".  When we were gone for two weeks over Xmas, when Z's mom found out she told me, in her very thick accent, "Z's gonna be soooo pizzzed off." 

So yeah.  Besties.

Flash back to El Portal Road circa 1981 and look what we have here?!

Have mercy smocked dresses and pink sponge rollered hair.  Have double mercy Uncle Visor and his plaid blazer in the background.  I believe this was Easter Sunday.  I'm standing next to my neighborhood bestie, Cam.  I recall many a playtime with her after school playing restaurant in the family room.  No one wanted to be our guests and so we pretended there was a couple out to dinner that gave us a generous tip and I cannot believe that guy just asked for us to send this pasta back!!  We also enjoyed "school" quite a bit.  We co-taught an unruly class of kindergartners and recess time was short.  One of my favorite things to do was to head to her house to use her swimming pool.  It was there I learned how to dive properly and mastered the fine art of "Beethoven hair" and doing gracious hand stands in the shallow end.  Cam and I don't talk now.  We never really did after we moved away out of high school and on with our lives.  But I still hear about her through her mom now and again.  And if you were wondering, yes, she's drop dead gorgeous and has the most beautiful hair you've ever seen.  I remember puberty being especially difficult for me that particular year she, er,....blossomed. 

In other news, Shed's business has been nominated for "Best Bank/Financial Institute" in Kern County.  I'd love for you to help a girl out and click on this link right here:

Vote for Shed's Moneywise Biz

Just type in your email and they will send you a link to vote.  There are tons of things to vote on.  But you only have to vote for his and then hit submit.  One per email address.  Just to be clear you wanna vote for "Moneywise Wealth Management". 

This will parallel my happiness level. 

I know you gize like parallels. 

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