Friday, November 30, 2007

Reasons for my non-blogging.
1. Christmas cards.
2. Boys dentist appointments (no cavities thank you very much)
3. Christmas shopping
4. Christmas decorating
5. Christmas crafts and baking with the kiddos
6. Baby shower for a friend
7. Poo (more doctor appnts for Char)
Anyhoo, I've been slacking on ANY and ALL computer time. But most of the time has really been taken up by the Christmas stuff and I am having fun doing it. So, I'll be back on track soon enough. I'm just in a "zone" right now.


Monday, November 19, 2007

School Pics '07

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chocolate Rain

*Got a new calling-No longer compassionate service leader. Now teaching Relief Society.
*Heeelarious song. If only I could sing like this someday.
*Whycome it can't be "fall"-ish around here? The weather just won't cooperate.
*Going out of town for Thanksgiving. Thurs-Sat. So, question: When do I put up my Christmas deco? Keep in mind I like to squeeze every last inch out of Christmastime as possible.
*Too many lunges+a class full of squats and dead lifts at the gym=Memzy can't sit on the toilet without yelping.
*Hoping to take a family pic over Thanksgiving for Christmas cards. Good luck with that I say.
*Now that pants are being worn on the regulah, how often would it be socially apporpriate to NOT have to shave my legs? I'm thinking, once a week for church. Hollah.
*Shed, being the very able MacGyver that he is, was able to fix our car issue. ::high fives, kissy faces Shed::

Thursday, November 08, 2007

This and That

1. My dad's treatment has officially NOT worked. So, he has slowly been declining. They are still seeing specialists and pursuing other things. We're trying not to think about worst case scenario. Trying very hard.

2. My Dad's mother, Gramma Deaf we'll call her, has been difficult lately (she had a stroke last year and now lives in a senior center here in town). It is causing my parents a lot of stress and heartache, which makes me sad.

3. Char Char still tells me its time to trick or treat every night when it gets dark. ::sigh::

4. The second x-ray for Char's constipation showed that he was "better but not all the way cleaned out". So that means another MONTH on his laxative meds.

EDIT: Just went to the doctor today for Char and she said he needs to go see a GI specialist in Fresno or LA!

5. Our van has been payed off for two months now and, woopsy, sounds like it might be having some problems. I should be grateful for repair costs as opposed to car payments, right? ::reciting mantra while crossing fingers::

6. Brains had the highest points in the school for an A.R. (advanced reading) program this quarter. He also got a 4.0 on his report card. He's sooper smawt.

7. Cracker is starting indoor soccer through the YMCA next week and guess who his coach is? His daddy!! I am so essited for both of them. Plus, it is sooo layed back, which is perfect for Cracker and easy for our family dinners, no?

8. We came up with a family cheer a couple of weeks ago for FHE and now that's all the kids want to do, all day long. Funnay!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Final Installment
Shed rented us a saweet convertible one of the days and we went exploring!
Check out how cute he is driving it.We headed up to the Iao State Park (elevation 5000 ft) where there were trails and gorgeous tropical sight seeing.
There are two rivers that flow together and over this one a local is bridge jumping off of it! You can see by the look on my face how smart I think that is. The fall wasn't that far but the water was sooper-dooper shallow. I thought he was trying to commit suey until I saw him pop right up to do it all over again. He has some secret-spy-man way of sliding into the water just so.

Like I said, pretty stuff to see. We coulda spent all day there.

And to top off the day, Shed took me to this shwanky restaurant at the top of a golf course just in time for the sunset. I'm not sure what kind of fish I had but it melted in my mouth. Nummay!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

happy halloweenie!!
Lets get it started with my little Char Char's pose at the pumpkin patch. He loves them squash!
Here we go with the costumes. Brains was Harry Potter onnacuzza he is already on the 4th book and loooooves it.
Boogs chose to be a vampire. Is this the weirdest/creepiest thing you've ever seen? It looks NOTHING like him.
Char Char was Spiderman

Do you think he's excited to go trick or treating? I thought he was going to hyperventilate from the happiness. He is at the perf age for doing that. We enjoyed watching him.

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