Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yard Sale--Kid Style

My 7 and 4 year old asked (read: BEG) to have a yard sale every day for the past few months. My best efforts to educate them on proper yard sale time, or day of the week, or things to sell, didn't really sink in. So, come Saturday and the begging begins again I think to myself, "Let them do it Memz. Maybe then they'll figure out why it won't work to grab some stuff from their toy room and plop it in the yard expecting to make money."

They started with the signs, of course. Full crayola color. (The other side of this one says "closed" for when they need to take a lunch break, I think).

It IS really cheap too.

Some of their wares. I almost bought that Chuck E Cheese hat for myself. You know how I love that place.

Wow! Ooooh!

Pinocchio was 2 for 1.

They still can't figure out why they couldn't get rid of any of their stuff. Maybe that is good. A job in retail doesn't pay big anyway.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family reoon

We went up to McCall, Idaho last week for a family reunion on my mom's side. I've re-typed this paragraph 4 times so far (my compy caught the flu or something) and it gets less witty and funny each time. I happens every two years, involves 100+ peeps and was uber fun. The only thing missing was Shed and my biggers. Take a look!

Monday, August 25, 2008


1. In a perfect world  I would be home right now uploading all of my bazillions of pictures and loading them onto a new post about my family reunion to Idaho.
2.  In a perfect world I would have exercised at least ONCE during my week long trip.
3.  In a perfect world my little Char Char would have eaten three solid meals a day instead of living mostly on pop tarts and chicken nugget kids meals.  (ps. the camp we stayed at were vegetarians btw).
4.  In a perfect world I would have thought to bring out my camera and take a picture of my uber fun visit with the Thurstonians.  
5.  In a perfect world I wouldn't have loads of laundry, grocery shopping, cub scout planning, and general life to catch up on.'s not a perfect world soooooo.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who DOESN'T love the first day of school?

I dare you to raise your hand. Cuz I sure do.
5th grader and biggest man on campus (cuz our school only goes up to 5th)2nd grader and frustrated he doesn't have homework yet kid.
The "brudders" as Char calls them.
So, Char was feeling left out this morning since he didn't get to go to school. So, what can fix that? You guessed it. A cooking date with Gramma. Or Aunt Visor as some of you may know her. Char and I are off for a week to get us some of those potatoes up in Idaho. Catch you then.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


By the way, I uploaded these pictures straight from my computer instead of going through photobucket so they are all blurry.  But if you click on the actual picture it comes up clear.  But I'm not reloading this whole post so deal with it.
Well you go to a little place like this... Add in sumpin sumpin like this....
And you get?....
Brains turns ten. I cannot believe I have a kid that old. Especially since I am so young looking. <--that might have been said with a sarcastic tone but you be the judge. Some other hooligans enjoy a party as well.
Homemade choc buttermilk bundt cake--a staple in our family.
And his wish came true btw.

Cuz he got the caysh he needed to go get himself a ESP. I mean a PSP. Whatever. I wasn't gonna be the one to pick it out isallimsayin.

He was pleased, right?

Then he and his friends had three solid hours of unlimited outdoor "attractions". They spent most of the time on these little beauties.

Go carts.

How cute is Shed driving little Char around.
Here is Brains and one of his buds.

Other fun included bumper boats and mini-golf.

Here is Cracker and Char cooling off. Cuz it was only like 105 degrees out. Example: Shed burning up in the background.Getting nice and wet.

I think this face says to me, "It's hard keeping up with the big boys."

So, Happy Birthday Brains! You are one of the coolest kids I know and
I can't believe you're mine.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's year 33 yo!
Token pic of the new glasses clad Shed for his birthday. I love you behba.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Five items:

#1 I decided to spare you all my constant stream of photographs on this blog. So, I added a new blog that is dedicated JUST to that. I have some new pics up if you wanna see. It is over there on my list of blogs under "Memzy's Photography" <---doyee. That way you can go see the pictures if you are interested. And if not, then you don't have to. Cuz we all know that we can only ignore our kids to blog-hop so long before one ends up locked in the bathroom with the sink faucet running and you can't find the little key thingy that is supposed to unlock it. Not that I would know.

#2 In case you haven't heard or read, my adorable mother has made her way into the blogging world. She is as hilarious as ever so go check her out.

#3 My addiction to dark chocolate almonds is at an all-time high. Somebody please hold an intervention.

#4 I could use some advice/ideas/therapy for my new calling as cub scout leader. So, feel free to add your 2 pesos.

#5 I am leaving next week (with Char Char in tow) to head to a family reoon (for my mom's side). I'll be gone a week. Any of you who can convince Shed to let me take his new iphone with me so's I can still blog while there--please intervene. Otherwise I'll be forced to use Tiffany's laptop. And I'm pretty sure she's not gonna share that easily. ::wink::

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally some shots of my summer happenings.

EDIT::::: Guess who joined the blogging world? My mom!! Go check out her new site. It is fabulous!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

You tell me

1. I realize that I should be enjoying the Olympics for it's "go world"-ness and the spirit of sports (cuz I'm totally competitive in that sense). But all I can think about is how I wish I had 2% body fat like THAT girl. Can I get a hollah?

2. The three medalists that swept the fencing competition are all from Ivy league schools. I am thinking this is an elitist sport and, if that is so, why can't they get a good hair dresser. Right?
ps. what IS fencing all about anyway? The screaming,....the sensor lights going off.....I just don't get it.

3. Shed has been having a hard time with his eyesight lately and I finally convinced him to get an eye exam and he fer realzies needed glasses. Guess who looks super cute and hawt in glasses? (I bet you can't guess)

4. I am feeding the missionaries tomorrow. Why am I not looking forward to this? You can be honest I can take it.

5. I am incredibly inflexible. I just thought you should know. I am reminded of it every day at the gym but maybe if I say it out loud more often it will get me to do something about it.

6. I am OBSESSED with this song.

I dare any one of you NOT to get chills when you listen to it.

7. There is no number seven.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Blogger Blues

I've got them. I can't think of anything to post about. Here are some reasons why and maybe you can help me figure it out.

1. Jenny and Amy"Girlfriend" post almost every day and the posts are funny and witty and I feel like I can't keep up.
2. School is starting in less than two weeks and in between now and then I have two birthdays (Shed and Brains) to plan and execute and a trip to the temple.......not to mention getting them READY for school.
3. In between now and then I am trying to squeeze in as much "summer fun" as possible. I'm thinking that wasn't a great choice.
4. I only have "photography practice" pictures on my camera and I know you all are sick of seeing those.
5. My "little" camera I keep in my purse to document our "summer fun" happenings (in places where I don't wanna take my nice camera) is always out in the car, in my purse, in the heat..........and I never feel like walking out there and uploading those particular pictures. ::lazy:: <--said in sing songy voice.
6. I'm now in a clinical depression due to finishing the Twilight series and now being sad that it's over. Someone mail me some prozac.
7. Though I don't feel like it, I am supposed to be planning my RS lesson for this Sunday.

So there you have it.

Friday, August 01, 2008


This post is dedicated to Jenny, whose heelarious stories of old boyfriends and their wicked awesomeness (for humors sake) has compelled me to share this story with you.

It's a good one I assure you and I have tried to share it with as many people as was socially appropriate ever since it happened to me. I originally had hoped to get this one passed around BYU as a "legend" of sorts among girls but I'm not sure that it ever happened. If you've heard of such a story I can only hope that I was the one who started it. I apologize to any other readers out there who will be expecting "Jenny" humor and wit because I'm just not as good as she is. But hopefully the story will speak for itself


Memzy is attending the B-Y in good ole Provo. People sorta assume that you date a brazillion people while going to college but I wasn't that way. I had dates here and there but most of my social life was group activities. I never was the "playa" that Jenny was, much to my chagrin. Cuz I woulda been all over that had guys been interested in me. I always tried to tell myself that it was the "intimidation" factor that held guys at arms length but we all know how what that really means. ::wink:: So, there is this slightly dorky guy in my ward that hangs out with me and my roomies on the regulah. We will call him "Special K": one reason being that it is a cereal name and another reason being that his named started with a K. We were really good friends and as we continued hanging out realized that we had a lot more in common than we thought. Yadda, yadda, we started being an "item".
Now look at this couple, right? How early 90's is that picture?
We did almost everything together and were very compatible (or so I thought). He was a very outdoorsy guy and I went right along with that picture talking about how much I loved camping and the outdoors. How little time I spent on myself getting ready (that one was prolly a little exaggerated) and why WERE other girls so emotional and stuff? (insert huge laugh of irony here since I am all emotional and stuff, right?) I thought we were just perfect for each other and he did too. We dated pretty seriously for months and even talked about the big M word frequently as this particular semester wound down. I thought this was gonna be "the one". I should probably mention here that Shed and I had dated quite a bit before his mission and were still friends up until this point. We wrote very regularly while he was on his mission (which is where he was-- in Mexico-- during this time). Though I was never, EVER "waiting" for a missionary, I kept in very good contact with Shed. I should also mention that Special K knew of Shed and my "friendship" and seemed no more bothered by it than I was about my hair looking like it did in this picture, at the time. It's hawt, I know.

So, as the semester in coming to a close and everyone is making plans for the summer break, Special K and I are having a talk and it comes up that Shed will be returning home from his mish in the upcoming summer. Suddenly, Special K is very threatened and concerned that this will be happening. I think to myself, "that's weird, he never cared before and why allasudden, right?" I assure him that Shed and I have no committment nor expectations to even DATE when he returns home so chill out. As the final days of our time in Provo are upon us Special K and I were lamenting the time we will be spending apart from each other over the summer. You see, Special K was a river guide on the Colorado River during the summer and was out in the "wilderness" for weeks at a time. Plus, I needed to head straight home to work my two jobs at the Chevron gas station convenience store and preschool day care to earn moolah for my senior year at the B-Y. I know, they were pretty glamorous jobs.

Anyhoo, Special K sits me down and has this "talk" with me about how he "won't be able to stand being seperated from me" during this time and "how will we survive?" and oh, yeah, "I will fight for you between Shed and win". Wha? Clearly, he was madly in love with me and we were going to get married sometime in the near future if we could just make it through the summer. This is what I thought.

Summer comes and this is how it does down:

Memzy: Working two jobs every day and when not occupied by that am Mrs. Saddyface because I miss my "man". Writing him letters all the time. Waiting for him to call every 2-3 weeks when he is "off the river" and at a phone.

Special K: Obviously having the time of his life and completely forgotten about this love he was going to "fight for" because he never calls me and only writes back ONCE the whole summer.

I know what you all are thinking. I must have misinterpreted his affection, right? Me too. So, after months of this going on I decided I am pizzed. So, nevermind about him and I'm going to date other people. I may have mentioned this to him in a letter or two but I cannot confirm nor deny that possibility. Guess who perks up? Special K suddenly starts writing letters and trying to call me (for which I am conveniently unavailable and make my mom tell him I'm not home and can she please take a message because I'm out having the time of my life). In fact he even wants me to meet him in San Diego where his sister lives for a weekend. I let him ask me 11teen times before I finally agree, reluctantly, to drive down there and give him one more chance.

Here's what I'm thinking. Maybe he WAS really busy on the river and maybe he DID really miss me but couldn't get to the phone or write me letters cuz his pencil and paper got soaked in the river water. I know, I know. Soooo pathetic. But whether good or bad, I decide to give it one more go and drive down to San Diego to meet him.

The weekend was fun enough but we were conveniently NEVER alone to talk about anything important and it seemed to be orchestrated by him. I'd had enough and finally tell him, "Listen, I've got to leave to drive back home for work tomorrow and we have one hour so can I puhlease talk to you." And this is where the analogy begins really.

Me: So, what is the deal? I mean, we left school and were practically engaged and now I've barely heard from you all summer? I don't understand.

Special K: Yeah, I s'pose I need to explain something to you.

Me: Ya think? (there was no sarcasm in there I promise ::giggle::)

SK: Ok, so let me explain it to you through an analogy.

Me: ::Staring wide eyed waiting for some eloquent explanation why he basically left me in a lurch:: Go ahead.

SK: Well, you know how you go to the grocery store and you need to buy cereal.

Me: Ah ha, ah ha.

SK: And you have your FAVORITE cereal. The one that you love the best and you know it is your favorite and you have every intention of it being your favorite cereal forever.

Me: right, right.

SK: But then you get to the cereal aisle and you see rows and rows of TONS of other cereals. And you think to yourself, "I think I wanna try THAT cereal".

Me: ::now staring blankly because I can see where this is going and I can't believe a dood would actually SAY this out loud to his girlfriend::

SK: So, you try out other cereals but you know that you will come back to your favorite cereal in the end.

Me: ::speechless::

SK: Memzy....YOU are my favorite cereal.

ps. if you didn't realize it yet, he had already sampled some other cereals over the summer "on the river" and told me.

I'm hoping you all know how I responded to this (I may have been a pushover but I wasn't mentally retarded). In retrospect I wish I would have come up with some really great comebacks like:

"Oh really well your favorite cereal has now been taken off the shelves!"
"Hopefully you got enough of that favorite cereal because it's not available for sale anymore!"
or something clever like that. I'm sure you guys can come up with some as well. Try it out, if you will.

But I basically told him he was crazy..........that I wasn't waiting around for him to try out all the other cereals..........and that when we got back up to school (which was in two weeks) we wouldn't be dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, ......NOTHING. He seemed to be fine with this and said he "understood". I'm thinking he thought I was bluffing.

Fast forward one month later and guess who is home from his mission? That's right!

Shed and I got engaged three weeks after he came home from his mission. (I know, how annoyingly cliched is that?) Which is in itself another sappy love story post that I won't bore you with.

And PS. Special K obviously thought I was bluffing because he was freaking out about me and Shed and sorta tried to win me back (again--another post).

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