Monday, June 30, 2008

This is my gorgeous niece. She's gonna break some hearts, I tell ya.Who's up for a Bocce ball tournament? (that's my SIL, Tracey)
Their baby (#5) Ricky.
We went on lots of adventures (one of which was a kayaking trip with ALL the kids down the Rogue River---pics to come later) like hiking and playing at cool parks. It is gorgeous everywhere up there. Here we are on one of our hikes.
That kid loves the baby backpack
Cracker, Brains, Char Char, Rachel and Seth

Sometimes you just gotta go, no?
Next post will hopefully be the pictures of our kayaking adventure. I had to use my itty-bitty camera for that cuz it had to fit in the dry-sack thingy. I know, srsly.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Park fun with my bro's two kids visiting from Oregon.
Cutie pie Seth.
Soooo Char Char this pic, no?
Another day we went to a spray park and the kids found this "lake" of water and mud on the other side. It all started out with some good "clean" fun.
The girl is Christine, my bro's oldest.
And then it got nasty...


As some of you may guess, Cracker was the worst. I actually got those stains out of his shirt tho! ::pats myself on back::
They had a blast.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where to begin?
The last three weeks have been fun and family filled for lots of reasons. I have so much to catch up on between father's day, two birthdays and cousins here and trips there. To start off with I'll post about the birthdays.
Can you guess what theme he picked? He's obsessed with Spiderman.
My attempt at the homemade cake. It was super dooper harder than I thought it would be. It prolly didn't help that I was trying to watch "So you think you can dance" while decorating it.
Opening of the presents. Most people who know him came through with a plethora of Spiderman inspired gifts, as you can see.
He sang along to our singing "happy birthday" to him. I think he thought that was the norm. Heeelarious.
The gift he's been asking for for months. A "spiderman web beeyaster." (blaster)
The pinata, rigged up by Shed on the tramp....I know..... completely safe, I like to be that way. ::wink::
Cousin Seth taking a try.

Cousin Christine (kevin's oldest)
Another of his favorite things--dressing up. His mommy who loves him best got him three new costumes. This one is a Star Wars character. Extra points if you know which one. Char Char does btw.
And in other completely RAD news I got a very special gift from Shed for MY birthday. A brand new, superduper fancy lens for my camera. This thing is huge! And I had my first photography class last night to which I now have "homework" to finish in the next two weeks. You can see my attempts added on to my "flickr" photo site (and more will be coming) above-right. Yay for birthday presents!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Round Three (final)
Molly's reception.....getting all pampered by her bridesmaids and a very helpful Eden.
A very good looking Bishop family!

The Butler lovers

How gorgeous is she?

Hayden....always so cool.

Crackers and Kennedy were "kissing cousins"

Soooo Micah, right?

How cute are these two? Also another kissing cousin of Cracker's.

This is my favorite pic of the whole bunch. What's worse than kissing cousins? KISSING SIBLINGS!! Notice how Char is playing it cool. Apparently he's down with that.

Check out that face. I think Cracker had the time of his life!

So, we had so much fun seeing everybody and hanging out with all the cousins. Thanks everyone for making the long trip to Bako to do that! There are some more of my little "photo shoot" with Anna over on the link at the top to my Flickr site if you are interested. And I can also send a CD to you girls if you want them of all the pics of the whole vacation too. I just have to figure out why my CD burner has the flu.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Round Two
(of pics of the wedding festivities)
Charlie waiting


Baby Preston

Tuck Tuck

Hayden not wanting a picture taken of his handsome head.

Papparazi Memzy taking a picture of Hayden's handsome head.

Cool Caleb
The wedding spot.
More to come later.

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