Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you remember....?

When my back used to "slip out" once or twice a year and then I'd look like this?

All side ways and stuff is cute, ....for a minute.  This time was so awesome cuz I was camping at the time.  Good memories.  Good stuff.

Do you remember when my BMFF (best mature friend forever) lived here in town?  No of course you don't.  Roxie wasn't known to this blogger world very long before she deserted me and moved to Le Boise.  RIP "Bakersfield Roxie".  RIP.  

Do you remember when Cracker was exactly 100% obsessed with Zelda and dressed up as Link daily?  No. You wouldn't remember that either. He was just itty bitty and I made him a Link costume that Halloween.  During the ward party I officially became the most popular mom of the moment among the 12-18yr old boys demographic.  That lasted approximately 1.3 hours.  At least it's more than the usual "10 seconds".  

What about when Aunt Visor ran that marathon in Vancouver?  Wha?!  I never told you that?  She's was definitely the least sweaty and most stylish of all the runners.  I'm pretty sure the race security team would let us back onto Victoria Island now.  83% sure anyway.

How about if you remember Beebs EVER being this wittle.  

She's mean!!  Why does she hurt me so!

Wait, do you gize remember when I thought I'd try surfing out as a hobby?

::insert hysterical laugh here::

 And in other news, do you remember when Shed decided to participate in "Twin Day" at work?  It's like high school all over again.

::shaking head::

Even funnier is that he works on a desert LAKE, right? 

Most importantly do you remember when I used to blog about the day to day goings on in mine and my families life?


Me neither.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts Day

I did nothing special or extraordinary for Valentine's day.

I'm an overachiever that way.

Come 2:30 or 3pm I was starting to feel guilty, ergo (that means therefore)...I decided to make pink heart shaped pancakes for dinner.

I finished and presented my family with a platter of deformed, and pink-ish looking hearts astride a bottle of ::whispering:: store bought syrup.

There was a pause of approximately 200 years.

I gave them the I-just-made-you-a-special-themed-dinner-and-you'd-better-like-it mom face.

To which they proclaimed the dinner delicious and glorious and they've never been so impressed.

I had multiple Valentine's this year. I'm a two-timer like that. Actually a thrice-timer. Part of me feels like that's the right number but the other part tells me math is hard, so I'm torn.

Here's my first Valentine: He single-handedly installed two ceiling fans in our house this weekend. He made 6th chair in the Kern County honor band for trumpets. He has flatulence issues to which he will readily confess.  And he got his first anonymous love letter in his locker today. It said something about being "admired from afar" and that his "eyes were like a frozen lake".  I officially declare him my favorite.


Second Valentine: He does his homework first thing every day after school without being asked.  He could eat an entire loaf of bread and butter if I let him in one sitting.  He is the cutest chess tournament player you've EVER seen.  He walks knock kneed just like his dad and will cuddle up to you any time of day as fast as you can say "go".  He is still obsessed with Pokemon.  I officially declare him my favorite.

Valentine #3: Still has no qualms walking around nekkid.  He is quite popular among the first grade crowd but insists on being called "Charles" at school.  He declared recently that he felt like a teenager because he and his three friends "hang out together" on the playground.  He is physically incapable of putting his dirty clothes into a hamper.  I officially declare him my favorite.

My last but not least Valentine is this particular dood.  He makes me laugh every single day.  Bought me some pretty awesome roses and slippers to go with my very matronly robe that I will never part with.  He accepts me and loves me despite my Golden-Girls-ish robe as well as my other idiosyncrasies that may include watching marathons of "Say Yes To The Dress" and sucking my thumb for 5 hours, oooh, approximately, ......once a month.  I officially declare him my favorite.

Hope your V-day was good.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A list of 10

1. This is one of the few times I can brag about where I live.  While the whole of the East Coast is under Snowpocalypse I went out running today in sunshine and a........wait for it....................tank top!  It's these small victories that keeps me from cursing B-town.  Bravo Bako, bravo.  ::slow clap::

2. I have a strange attachment to these new chips.  Jespy first introduced to me their heavenly flavor around Thanksgiving, particularly when paired with hummus.  Have mercy.
 TOSTITOS® ARTISAN RECIPES™ Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

3. Do you think it's wrong that I only shave my legs once a week?  I mean, even tho it's gorge weather here relatively speaking during the winter, I only wear pants.  No one is seeing the sasquatch legs I'm sporting under my jeans.  Not until Sunday, when I promptly become a respectable, hairless woman again.  I'm thinking, no.  It's not wrong.  In fact, if it is I don't wanna be right.  That's settled then.  Thanks for your help!

4. There's something you should know about me.  It's common knowledge that I have an unnatural love for diet soda beverages.  What's not so well known is my, er, particularishness about such things.  Diet DP sits in my fridge.  I pop open those cans and fill my HARTS mug I've had since 1994 and drink.  No straw.  No Diet Coke.  No Diet Pepsi.  However, if you happen to be driving in my car with me and we are at a gas station and you run in to get us drinks while I fill up the tank (totally hypothetical)......only get me Diet Coke.  If that's not available then Diet Pepsi is fine.  But only under the most dire circumstances should you fill up my cup with straw from the fountain with Diet DP.  I can't really explain it,... that's just how it is.  Sorta like why Michael Jackson had that high voice in public but not really in private.  It doesn't make any sense but that's just the way.

5. I am a slave to pop music on the radio.  There.  I've said it.  Your welcome Avril, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, Taylor.

6. I'm pretty sure I'm shrinking.

7. My children are also slaves to pop.  Example: my youngest hooligan's obsession with Justin Beiber

8. I've been eating lots of fruit lately.  There are pros and cons to that.  That's all I'll say.

9. We get to go out of town with a couple of friend families for the long weekend to Indio, CA.  I'll just let you look that up.

10.  I'm going to run another one of THESE this year.  Maybe two if I get lucky.  Jealous!!

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