Monday, August 30, 2010

They grow up so SLOW!!!

I swear it's been like a gamillion years since he started crawling/walking/talking/etc.

Jay Kay.

I'm gonna cry right into my crows feet.


I feel like one of my limbs has been hijacked (by tracker jackers) and has now become it's own person.

Doobie turns 1-2. Twelllllllvvvvvve!!!!!!!! ::ginormelous sigh::

It was a quiet celebration (by his request) with one of his besties. And I have now learned that these hats are what all the kewl kids are wearing.
I have also learned that when kids grow up they sometimes don't want mom's homemade cake but instead a store bought angel food cake. Plain.
Try to get candles to stay put and straight up and down in an angel food cake.

Then come back and report.

I earned a D+.

Along with the big twelve comes some srs responsibility (BESIDES doing his own laundry and rubbing my feet tho). Here he is on his Aaronic priesthood ordination day. Hollah at the shout out to Papa with the tie.
I don't know. Sometimes you wonder how Lifetime can put together a movie with laughter, tears, growth, mistakes, shining moments, etc., into a concise two hours (plus commercials). And then you look at your teenager and get a sudden labor pain or baby kick directly in your stomach, hear the toddler spoon-to-saucepan drum solo in your ears, taste the blow pop laced kiss from your preschooler on your mouth, and see the naked bum 8 yr old streaking from bathroom to bedroom and you realize...............yup. That felt like about two hours.

Not that I watch Lifetime movies. That's just what I hear around my mom circles.

Speaking of growing up.

::wiping snot::
Look how growed up Shed looks on his first day of!!......oh.....well......anyway.
My. Three. Sons. M. T. S. "Mitzzz". ::pointing to self:: ::making number three with hands:: ::pointing to noon day sun::
Chay Wagon started 1st grade this year. That means all day school yo. He announced that last year's first day "didn't go so well". Cuz he "didn't know how to behave yet". But proudly assured me that was not the case this time.
Cracker is officially in the "upper" grades in the big 4th. His teacher is "strict" so far. Not a problem for Dudley-Do-No-Wrong.
Brains started junior high this year. He loves it so far. I have so much to say about that. My own junior high experience was survival at best. Including but not limited to: name calling, shunning, invites to drinking parties, eating lunch by myself, holding hands with Smiley after we were both in detention, hitting my "chubby stage", Mr West (::shudder::), and pre-algebra.

::running around in a circle silently screaming::

But I'm sure he'll be fine.

PS. So many people have asked me what will I ever DO with my time now that my kids are all in school all day. (please read sarcastic tone there) Yeeeeah. You can see where that answer is going.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Skillz set -- Part II (Jeppson Reoon continued)

I left some things out of my resume. More from our trip to Boise/McCall.

Skill 12: Finally meeting internet peeps IRL (in real life). Hot Pants and Aunt Visor finally see/touch/laugh/hug. We laughed, we cried. Well not really but we had the best pizza of my life.

Skill 13: Surviving Camelback Hill (more commonly know in our family as "Hill of Death") And when I say "survive" I mean that both literally and figuratively/emotionally. ::ginormelous sigh::
Skill 14: Making instant new BFF's. I can't do that. It's amazing how kids can. Char Char is still talking about Howie.
Skill 15: Not dying while riding other people's motorcycles. Definitely in the pros column.
Skill 16: Looking adoraskibble in climbing gear
(even when not really climbing, per say, but being hoisted by the dood)


Skill 17: Conquering "The Rope"

Sooooper high and hard. Not. Kidding. This kid's tenacity was astounding. I kept saying "you can come down, Brains, you don't have to finish". But he wouldn't give up. Lotsa people gave up.
He was a leeetle bit......sweaty after. And shaky.
But that's what skillz are all about.

To see more pics and upcoming video go HERE

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jeppson Reunion -- Part I (we've got skillz)

Remember when you were filling out job applications back in the day and you had to fill out the "special strengths or skills" section? Most of my list consisted of:

successful use of hot sticks, very neat note taker, well organized backpack, and of course the running man (who can ever NOT put that down?)

I also happen to have one particular child who shall not be named who only considers some type of sports excellence to be any sort of talent.

Well I beg to differ my friends!! We shall not hide our lights under a bushel! And this last week at the bi-annual Jeppson reoon we did just that. Up past Boise in beautiful McCall, Idaho we shined.


Skill 1: Riding horses.

Skill 2: Sailing "class" (lasting 2 hours)

Skill 3: ACTUAL sailing. (lasting 20 minutes)

Skill 4: Being fat and looking cute (totally underrated in my opinion)

Skill 5: Generally hawt beachy girlness. (guess whooooo?)

Skill 6: Playing nicely with cousins (totally applicable in today's job market)

Skill 7: Imprinting with your Poke-twin. Cracker and Tbone had to be ripped apart and cried themselves to sleep that first night after. Poor things. This is one of the rare times they were NOT playing/talking/discussing/reinacting some sort of Pokemon related topic.
Skill 8: Totall confidence in your plumbers crack.
Skill 9: Successfully stopping all the fun to have everyone in one place for a picture.
Skill 9: Unintentional hilarious faces. There HAS to be a spot on a resume for that. Nathan will have to post one of Landee. It's not on my camera but believachoo me....she's got skillzzzz.
Skill 9: Kayaking. This one is kinda serious you gize. I think I might train him for the Xgames or something.
Skill 10: Pinewood Derby!!! You don't have to be flashy. That's how we roll. Check out that Chay Wagon. Second place in at least 3 of his runs.
And Landee's dad built this track yo. Electronic...sensors.... and everything. Fancy. I felt fancy just being in the room.
Skill 11: Climbing really high stuff to prove you've got srs guts and flexibility. I couldn't do it....cuzza my back you gize (best excuse ever). Here is Shed showing Brains how it isn't the LEAST bit scary.
Our family seems to like doing things with these adorable harnesses. I think I'm going to buy a matching family set. Not for me tho. My back.

Brains conquered this "Leap of Faith" test. 60 feet in the air.

K more coming up in the next post. Please have your job applications ready.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Second annual Hunger Games Cake Competition

So much to tell you gize!! Birthdays, vacation/reunions, new deacon, first day of school-ness.

But before I get to that I need you to do a VERY important thing for me. Go HERE and vote for the best cake (which is mine, fer super FINNICK duh).

K, so again, mine is very muddy with an old lady walking into a fog and...............oh it's number two okay!?!

Voting ends tonight at midnight.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Junk Drawer--Part 2 (get your scrolly wrist braces out!)

Once upon a time (or as Char Char used to say "Ponce a Wanna Time") in Memzy Memzerton's junk drawer there was

::very dramatic music..............dah--dah--dah::

MORE junk!!

Jay kay of course. This stuff isn't's gold. But my time is limited and my organizational skilz are lacking as of late. So here is some quick scanning of the awesomeness that was had end of June, begin of July.

Jenny ESP, Princess Kimi, Landee, and myself had a fun filled few days here in the huge tourist stop of Bake-town USA. We also wanted to see Eclipse together and stuff. More details are HERE should you wanna expand on that time. Here is a clear view of why Aunt and Uncle Visor got the names that they did.

Lots of swimming with the Visor extended fam.

Princess Kimi getting to hold (and put to sleep!) Grammy Bear.

Who is THIS?! Someone other than Clara because this one is way too growed up to be her.
Blow up water slide courtesy of the Visor's. Complete with Uncle Visor's brother J Vest!!

Do you gize think he looks like UV?

Some srs fun and super lotsa smiles had

Even adult(ish) people got in on it! Not me tho cuz of my back (best excuse EVER)

More pool time at Shed's parent's house. (again with the Visor, right?)

Notice my adorable cousin Cody there on the right. A. Dore. A. Bull. (totally single you gize!)
I would also like to add that UV got a sunburn from sitting in the shade under that tree. Ha! Sweet UV.

I give you........teen angst.

Then on to the 4th of July super celleby on the front lawn of the parentals house.

Complete with root beer floats fer super duh.

Exhibit: choose-your-own-outfit-to-represent-4th-of-July. I really think the green flip flops add a nice touch.

Phew! I realize this was a lot of pics and not a lot of essplaining but I wanted to get this posted before I head off tomorrow for a big Jeppson family reoon up in Idaho. Assuming my camera doesn't act up like it has been the past few days....there will be many pics to post.

Now who's gonna come clean out my REAL junk drawer.

::crickets chirping::

Any takers?

::pin drop::


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