Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Calling all Jeppsons!

Can you believe this? Walking along the pier and I run into these

Car ferries rule!

I got to go to Newport beach for a day and guess how I got there?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank heaven for 5 year olds and internet machines

My littlest, tiniest, smallest baby of the family turned 5.Prezzie time first thing in the a.m.

Star Wars was a continual theme you gize.

Star Wars + Transformers = Heaven

Nope. It's impossible. He can't be five.

Party time in the p.m. Star Wars theme. Doyee.
Light Saber pretzel rods.
This is where the internet came is reeeeeal handy for all those ideas.

Light Saber "cake". Don't ask.

Present time with friends.

Death Star pinata and, as always, our sign made my Amanda. We use it every year!

Padawan Pizza.

Yoda Soda.


Decorations picked out by Char.

Singing time.

We even did Jedi Trianing you gize. It was perf. He loved it.
Now if you'll excuse me............I'm off to cry.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swim Meet

Remember when you were a kid and trying out a new sport/activity/instrument for the first time? You'd been practicing and trying to learn and get better. But then came the time for all of your practice to be tested? And remember how your stomach was doing somersaults and you probably had the sweats and maybe even shaking a little?
Yeah. Well, its a brazillion time worse when you are the mom.
Tell me I'm not alone in this. Someone please throw me a bone here.
Luckily for him, Brains had no such problems being nervous on his first swim meet, which took place a couple of weeks ago.
I've never been a very good swimmer myself. I can doggie paddle like a pro. And I was even a lifeguard in high school so that counts for something right?
But this whole world of swimmers was totally new to me. They write their events, (and other things) on each other with sharpie. Sharpie you gize. Luckily, my good friend who was helping get the kids signed in that morning knew to put the sharpie only on places that the white shirt and tie would cover up. Cuz church the next day and stuff.

New to me. New to me. Not that I wasn't loving every second of it.
Shed kept laughing at me onnacuzza my excitement/nervousness every time his event came up.

Him,......not so much nervous-making.

We camped out by the Luthie's most of the day. Soooper fun.

Who'd have known he'd kill in backstroke.

Check out the groupie's on the other side of the pool cheering him on. Liesl (in the pink) knows how to do it right. She's tutoring me how to be a swimmers mom.

Brains fave part by far was getting to start up on the blocks.

Right here is about the time I'd start sweating right into my pits. Gross. But true. What? You gize don't get those? Well, then I have nothing else to say to you about that.

Breaststroke fer rizzles.

Lollerz he kept looking to the side to see where the other kids were. And then no more laughing cuz you aren't supposed to do that.

This is how the "other's" were doing in the meantime. Cracker brought his magnifying glass and they were burning holes in stuff. Good times.

Alls I can say about this one is that he is luckily worshipped by the Luthie girls and therefore is out of my hair the whole time. Thank heaven for Luthie girls.
I've come to a decision.

Swim meets rule. Girls drool.

Oh wait. Nooo.

Swim meets rule. I'm cool.

Or maybe.

Swim meets rule. Sharpen your tool.

Well, you know what I mean.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Chicago, fer realz

Hey, It's Memz. Since you and I are new BFF's I really shoulda written you a better letter before. Chicago, you were the best. The hostess with the mostest. You let me come at the last minute (literal hours before plane takeoff) to join Shed on his long weekend of a business trip. You didn't even CARE that I had thrown stuff in a suitcase, hoped there was food in my house for the BYU-student-home-for-the-summer-bbsitter, bought a plane ticket, and drove to LAX to be with you. You knew I was just doing my best to exercise my "spontaneous" muscle. That particular muscle doesn't get worked out very often. It's not used to that kind of "flexing".
You let me see the Sears tower. And check out the Chicago Board of Trade. And you don't even think it's weird that those doods and dude-etts wear those weird mesh vests and scream waving papers and doing hand signs. Commodities trading. Phew Chicago. How do you do it?
You showed me your huge buildings and cool architecture.

Some of those buildings you've had are over 100 yrs old. That's totally old and stuff.

You allowed me to listen to an up-and-coming hip hop artist trying to sell his CD (who is going to be completely famous one day, I can feel it).

The columns............oh the columns.

This one is for you Roxie. In honor of flag's day this weekend.

I got to see your Millennium Park with that awesome "bean" sculpture.

You had me mesmerized.

Can you see me, Chicago? I couldn't take my eyes off of you.
I even got to watch them film a commercial there. I'll be looking for it on TV.

You even have an aquarium named after my hubby!!

I got to see your very own Navy Pier.

I totally want to bring my kids back here Chicago.
You really know how to show families a good time.

You made sure it was a beautiful 78 degrees for me while I was there. Sunny and gorge.

You even named a restaurant after my boy. Soooo nice of you.

And to top Navy Pier off you had Zack from "Little People Big World" come to visit on the very same day. I didn't ask for his autograph tho. Us famous people need to stick together.

You showed me many bizarre/coolio sculptures.
And beautimus skylines.
You were patient when I "duked it out" with one of our traveling companions on Nikon vs. Canon. You gize know who wins that one.
I even got some geography lessons from you while I was there.
So, to sum it up, my beloved Chicago, even tho I only could stay with you a few days you will be in my heart forever. And, if you are willing, I will be bringing myself AND my 3 boys back here in the future. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Love, Memzy

. Sorry I didn't wash your sheets.

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