Thursday, March 25, 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10

How bad is it, really, to tell my 5 yr old to go to the "naughty chair" and tell him to think about what he's done and I'll be there in a few minutes to talk to him about it.

And then get in the shower, have a couple texting convos, replay the duet from AI last night (featuring Demi Lovato and her hilarious "posing"), blow dry my hair, start my makeup and then hear....

"can I come out now?" (like,........45 min later)

I mean, are we talking "I'll never let my kids play at your house again" or more of a "I'm calling CPS immediately" sort of thing?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tournament Day

Being blessed with 3 boys doesn't always pan out how some of you might think it would. Being into athletics and competition myself, I only assumed that my boys would be the same way, right? I couldn't have been wronger, gize.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't mind if he doesn't want to play sports. It just didnt occur to me right away. It may have taken me a few years of soccer seasons filled with tears and tantrums....or repeated refunds for some sporting event sign up..........but I finally figured it out. My little Cracker does not like sports.

The. End.

So, when this 3rd grader showed interest in a particular "extracurricular" activity, I was thrilled to help him pursue it. It involves this:

And some of these:

And a whole lot of these:

My little Cracker is a chess tournament dood! Unfortunately for us, we only heard about the chess club a couple of months ago. It's not offered at our school but I drive him to another school in the district who kindly let us join up. Since it was so late in the year, we only got to do this one last tournament. But boy was he excited! Finally a day where the rest of us sit around waiting to watch HIM do something. Instead of the other way around.

This is his first match. Check out the way his opponent girl is looking at him. It's that "You're going down/I'm totally crushing on you" look.
He ended up doing REALLY well. This is according to his coach. He had a "draw" on his first two matches, won his next two matches, and lost his last. That last one was a nail biter you gize. At least that's what I guessed.

Tons of parents and kids were riveted through the glass. I pretended to be nervous too. But the truth of the matter is that I can barely set up a chess board, let alone know which move is good or not. Or how close they/he were to a check mate. I just looked on attentively and knew it was all over when they shook hands. I guessed right 80% of the time tho based on Cracker's face when the game was over.

Despite that I encouraged Cracker and told him he did great, even tho he didn't get the trophy that he wanted.

I'm pretty sure he's onto me not knowing squat. I coulda been speaking Chinese and it would have meant the same thing to him.

Chinese is another thing I know squat about btw.

But guess what? His coach was blown away by how well he did against kids who'd been playing all year, if not longer. He got 12th place out of 30. I guess that kid that beat him in the end got 4th place (and that coveted trophy). But Cracker ended up with a metal and tried not to show his excitement over that.

Look at this:

So, guess who's a "Chess Tournament Mom" now?

Woot. Woot!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Fall forward and Spring back, right?

No that's not right.

It's Fall sideways, Spring in your step.

No, no, no.

It's Fall down, Spring up.

::sigh:: So anyway, I may or may not have been an hour late to church yesterday. I cannot confirm nor deny.

In other news, I got to go out of town last weekend for a mini-vacay! Sorta last minute-ish I got some help from friends and family (hollah Melissa, Liesl and Gramps Waite) to help out with the kiddos so me and Shed could trot down to LA to partay it up like it's 2000 and late.

It was a trip with work buddies to see a playoff college bball game or two in the Staples Center Thursday night. No ticket for me. So I took it upon myself to do some shopping and eating after dropping off 5 doods at the corner while trying not to peel away.

The next day all the "girls" joined the rest of us. We hit a pub for lunch and who did we get to rub shoulders with but Carson Daly! Now, I realize he's not interesting to SOME of you but how is it not fun to chat up a celeb? Even tho he may be consider a B+ one right? He was filming a segment for his show and he took a few minutes to talk with us and was way cool. PS. Carson Daly is soooper skinny in person. Which leads me to convince myself once and for all to NEVER, no NEVER be on TV. I'm thinking it adds more like 40 lbs? He was really cool tho. We told him we would beat up Ryan Seacrest for him. Maybe TP his house.

K, then we were given the surprise to hit THIS place at Universal City. Say wha?! I've never wanted to jump out of a plane before. But now I know what it feels like.

After a short video, suiting up in some "What Not To Wear" gear, and learning the hand signals....we were on our way. This hand signal above from my instructor means "this girl is basically a pro and knows what she's doing so go ahead and give her more air so's we can rawk this tube right".
As you can see, we did just that. There were lots of flying up 25 feet and then shooting down to the bottom of the tube. That was my fave part by far.
Check out this purple suited man flyer!! Such a natural. Cept now he thinks he wants to jump out of a REAL plane. HAHAHAHAHA. He is so funny that kid.

After combing through the 374 knots in my hair and hesitantly handing over my jumpsuit, we were off to the next thing. But WAIT!! Who do we have here?! We ran right into Scott from American Idol Season 8 (that we affectionately like to call "Blindy"--I mean, you saw those group numbers didn't you?). His mom was there with him and he looks to maybe have a girlfriend and be attempting the rocker look? I'll let you decide. It's not working for me.

That night in Downtown Disney we got to see this little gem, Brandi Carlile, perform at the House of Blues.

Oh. My. Gosh. I have never in my life heard a better voice live. Nev. Er.

Here's another gem:

I highly recommend DL-ing some of that stuff straight onto your iPod pronto.

So, it was a GREAT weekend!!

Now, what time is it again?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Or where can you see Blindy from American Idol season 8?

Where in the world can you

A) go fake sky diving

B) see Brandi Carlisle in concert

C) run into Carson Daly at an Irish pub during lunch?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

Maybe he was switched in the hospital?

When I was growing up my mom had each of us kids take piano lessons. I don't remember much about my teachers or the specifics of my recitals. Except, of course, the pale blue, flowered chiffon dress I wore to my recital when I was 8. My memory only holds on to the things that are relevant. Like chiffon dresses or feathered bangs that took up the front portion of my head/hairline. It was a noble effort by my mother to cover up my giant elephant ears. Don't feel bad for me, you gize. I've learned to embrace my large and airplane wing-like ears. It's what I remember, that's all. Again, only what is important, right?

The point is this: I never really caught on to playing the piano. Even tho my mom tried different piano teachers or tactics to get me to practice, just didn't come naturally to me. (That and sewing. Bless my mom's heart.) The extent of my skillz consists of both parts of chopsticks. Both. Looking at the silver lining here.

Shed is the same way. He remembers a couple of stanzas of Chariots of Fire that he's pulled out a time or two.

No more than 17 times.

Now, I have this child. Who, without trying, can learn guitar chords in minutes.....make up his own songs......and learn to play piano by ear.

Brains: "Mom, if you're going to blog this video can you tell everyone that I learned it by ear and that's why it isn't exactly the same?"

Me: Sure, Brains. Will do.

Here is John Schmidt's song "All of Me"

Which leads me to wonder if, during that 30 minutes they took my baby out of the hospital room to get tests done, they brought back this kid instead. I'm not complaining. Just sayin!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Facts and Figures

Fact: Brains, the oldest, is the worst teeth brusher EVER. Most of the time forgets and when reminded does a quick swipe-and-spit style. Never. Had. A. Cavity.

Fact: Cracker, the middle, is the BEST brusher of teeth on the planet. Flosses every day even. Spends 10 solid minutes cleaning them while I'm waiting to tuck them in so I can climb into my bed and dissect American Idol. Cavities. Every. Checkup.

This creates lots of "that's not fair" discush.

Fact: Brains has perfectly straight teeth. Even through donations to the tooth fairy and new growth, his teeth are basically lacking any crookedness.

Fact: Cracker's teeth have come in every which way, making it almost impossible for him to close his lips completely or chew with his mouth closed.

This creates lots of "That's not fair" discush.

Fact: Brains gets to do everything first, being the older brother that he is. Cub scouts, Camp KEEP, band, you get the picture.

This creates lots of "That's not fair" discush.

Fact: Brains has been saving up for 4 or 5 months to buy himself an iPod touch.

.....more on that later.

So, though only 9 measly years old, Cracker needed to start on braces pronto-like. Say it with me.....This creates lots of "That's not fair" discush.

Good news is he will be done, with perfectly straight teeth, by the time he enters Young Men's. Bad news is he will be in braces for three years, starting with this contraption we like to call "Robot Teeth" (you have to use a robot voice when you say that FYI). Beauty aint it?

Here's the kicker you gize. When we got to our first appointment to cement in said device, the receptionist handed me Cracker's "bonus" for signing up with this orthodontist while they bleed us of thousands of doll-hairs over the next few years:

After making an appropriate Oh-Snap-Face I grabbed it and ran. Just in case they changed their mind.

Let's give you another shot so you can be convinced your eyes are not deceiving you.
I don't think Cracker could have gotten a more appropriate "this makes things all better" gift than that.
When we returned home from this little outing there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (perfectly straight with no cavities teeth). Which led to the same discussion only with a different kid.

"That's not fair" can feel sooooooo appropriate sometimes no?

Congrats to Cracker for getting an iPod touch, with no planning or money from me, that so conveniently makes being the middle brother a leeetle bit more bearable.

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