Thursday, October 22, 2009

The most heart rate raising event of the day!!!

Is it pics of my Hawaiian vacay?----boring!

A detailed description of my $130 worth of groceries that I paid $25 for?---I won't force that on you (yet).

A list of my ToDo's that is down right adorable?---nah.

It's THIS:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TUNE IN TUESDAY--Lazy Lazerson Edition

Why does everything happen in October?! I swear, once September 30th says ni-night all the world decides to set their proverbial treadmills to 8mph with no sign of a stop button.!!! I realize I will not be receiving any sympathy from the likes of any of you (as I surely wouldn't expect it) considering I've just returned from a week in paradise, sans kids, with my HoneyHiney. But,.......I'm busy. School carnival planning (masochistic I suppose), flu shots, doctor's appts for gimpy leg (me), cub scouts, soccer, football, callings, LAUNDRY (in all CAPS none the less), uploading and editing all of my vacation pics, ::deep breath::

It's prolly cuz I've just done a week of nothing. So I need to restart my iMemzy and get back into the groove. So, at least to make an attempt at advice I give you this:

Good advice #1:
DEFINITELY, very yes, go to Hawaii if you ever have the chance.

Good advice #2:
Don't complain about how much you have to catch up on when you get back from said celestial vacay. ::wink smirk::

Your turn now........I always have time to give advice.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where in the world is Memzy?

You gize!!!! I just got to Maui!! Wanna come? I can request a

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

TUNE IN TUESDAY--ALS Walk edition (and some "winter" hair)

If you want to know things that smart people know....then ask me. Today I will enlighten you on how to do the "WALK TO DEFEAT ALS" the right way. Go BIG or go home. Who said that? Confucius? Yup, either him or Gandhi. One of the two.

#1: Have lots of friends and family who love you---check.
#2: Have incredibly cute/naughty grand kids (who also love you) attend---check
#3: Make sure (at least one) of your out-of-town son(s) gets to come too---check
#4: Show some love and respect for the USofA---check
#5: Bring various forms of head gear/accessories (notice the VISOR!)---check
Sometimes in more than one color---check
#6: Get a big lead on the other teams. We are in it to WIN it, yo!---check
#7: When tired, ride on "wheelchair of fire" (that's not just talk, that thing can go FAST) with Papa/Uncle Visor---check
Sometimes giving multiple grand kids a ride---check
#8: When tired also use other forms of transportation, like your dad's shoulders---check
#9: After renewed energy from said rides, explore off the beaten trail ---check
#10: In honor of the ALS walk, show up with new "winter hair" color---check

Now it's time for you questions!!! Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! (srsly, cuz next week I'll be out of town in Hawaii so no TIT)

Friday, October 02, 2009

String cheese

"What I choose to do with my string cheese is my business"

^^that's what I was told, anyway.

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