Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas gift to you.

I feel obligated to publish this video of myself on a somewhat annual basis.  Do with it what you will.  I have no shame.  One day imma relearn these moves and perform in a ward talent show.  One.  Day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Family Is More Perfect Than Yours

That's why I blog, right.  To show off and brag and tell the world how awesome my kids are and stuff. 

Well that's why I do it.  Basically, I want everyone to know how fabulous I am.  And if I have to paint a picture that only shows the good stuff and/or leaves out the bad than that's what I'm gonna do. 

Cuz I'm perfect, basically. 


UNfortunately for you, I insist on posting all of my flaws and idiosyncrasies. 

You might not wanna know how running in that race about a month ago had an interesting effect on my digestive system. (read: bowels).  You also might not care to hear that I'm losing my hearing and I'm pretty sure it is substantially due to excessive ear wax, which I refuse to investigate.  Or maybe you don't wanna imagine the smell in my car after one of my children left a chocolate milk in the back seat for days.

But you're gonna hear it.  Just consider it a self esteem builder for YOU. 

I'm a giver like that.

And since I am trying to focus on just that.....GIVING.....this holiday season (in the thoughtful way, not the buy a gift kind of way, see last post for details), I planned on doing just that sort of image builder for all of you in the form of my christmas cards.  Only I received them in the mail today and some of the pictures "to build you up" were too small for some eyes to see.  Instead of slam the box of cards down on the kitchen counter and make a loud grunting noise (which I totally did NOT do you gize), I thought I'd just share that picture here on the "internets" for all of you to see.

More clearly.

Your welcome.  

Thank you cards aren't necessary.  I can feel your gratitude coming through the world wide web.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I know what you're thinking

And the answer is NO.  You can't have him.

Believe it or not this child was born with a full head of "I'm a messican" dark brown hair.

He also asks me how I'm feeling every day.

...and says "yes mom?" when I call his name.....the FIRST TIME

He happens to have a very good singing voice and shares my love of Disney musical artists.

I have lots to catch up on:

1. Obligatory Halloween memories

2. Extra curriculars

3. My chapped heels

4. Funny things that Char Char says

5. My firm commitment to supportive undergarments.

6. That oddly shaped, and very recently born, cowlick right above my left ear.

7. Our plans over the holiday season

8. Your thoughts on naughty doggie potty REtraining (I beg of you dog whisperers)

9.  My inability to completely decorate my house.  I like to call it "Almost But Not Quite You're Almost There But Something Is Missing" Style.  ABNQYATBSIM for short (gold star for who can call me and pronounce that acronym's a very specific pronunciation)

10. An informative post on how I will not be giving out treat plates or friend gifts for Christmas this year and so don't feel obligated to give me one.  But how I WILL be sending out cards and so-help-me if I don't get one from you, consider yourself blocked from this blog!!  (how threatening is that really tho, gize are doing me a favor here just by tolerating my brain's kibbles and bits).  And should you not have my address let me give you no excuse.  You can email me at emily k w 8 at gmail dot com.

But I couldn't get to any of that yet.  I had to just stare at this for awhile.

Have mercy.......those freckles......

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