Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't have much...

But I figgered I'd give you something.

1. Cracker finally lost a tooth that had been dangling by a thread for over three weeks. He wouldn't let me or Shed near him without covering his mouth and running away. Next time I'm gonna pull it out while he's sleeping.
2. The projected weather this week is high 60's. I'm down.
3. I'm trying to cut back on Diet soda, to my chagrin. And it SUCKS. I know I know.
4. Had Waite clan (including Amanda and kids!) over last night for FHE. Lots of RAD fun.
5. I got my new flooring!!!!!!!!! Pictures will come tomorrow. I HEART HEART HEART HEART HEART.......
6. I have one of those little canker sores on my tongue. You know the ones that seem like a swollen taste bud?
7. Took Char Char out of town to a Pediatric gastroenterologist yesterday. No new revelations. Blood work to rule out allergies to foods. Otherwise, it's in his head and may take another 6 months to get through. ::throwing hands up in the air:: On the flip side it seems to be getting VERY slowly better.
8. No cooking tonight onnacuzza we have SRS leftover pizza from last night. Hollah!
9. The girl scout cookies I ordered (from a very pushy mom at the gym) came today. This is not good news for my toosh. I apologize to it in advance.
10. My cousin is coming into town tomorrow and we are gonna head to Santa Barbara to visit our college roomie!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


1. After the first couple of days the meds have started working on my "leg" issue. I refuse to call it restless leg syndrome because that is lamerz. And oddly enough the medication was not a name brand and in the description it said it treated panic and something else. So, I'm guessing it was already out there and they just made up a new reason to use it. Saweet! I'm gonna go in next week and tell her the results cuz she wanted me to have a blood test too.
7. Saturday was our annual "Heart Day Race" at the University here (5K). It was the fourth time Shed and I have raced in it. Score so far: Memz-3 Rod-1. Yup, I beat him again. But I was paying for it the next day. I usually don't run anymore on the regulah onnacuzza my knee issue. So I just pumped myself full of motrin and went for it. Now my knee and whole body is sore cuz I'm not used to running. Still, Holla.
23. Decided on my flooring. Now it's just a matter of getting it done. I'm gonna leave it as a surprise until I show the before/after pic and then you can guess which way I went.
11. No school Monday and I feel revy bad that my kids were driving me C-R-A-Z-Y. Mommy time between, say 8am-2pm should be a law or something. Especially if your three boys are going through an arguing stage. Mostly I can go about 5.8 minutes before another fight breaks out. I'll be expecting my "Mother of the Year" plaque in the mail any day now.

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Issues" and medication
For the past 3+ months every time I lay down at night to watch TV or go to sleep my legs (from the knee down) and arms (from the elbow down) get numb and "fall asleep". It happens almost every single time I lay down and sometimes prevents me from falling asleep. In addition to that I get leg cramps/charlie horses 2-3 times a day mostly in my calves but also in my feet. At first I thought it had to do with my workouts and I would just suck it up. But now that it has been persistent, I figgered I should have it checked out. On my own I'd been trying to drink more water every day and have a banana (potassium).
So, I go in to the doctor and explain my symptoms, she asks a bunch of questions, etc. She tells me she thinks I have "restless leg syndrome". WHA? I've seen those commercials and mocked people that claim to have such a random syndrome! But she gives me a prescription for one of those pills and sends me on my way to "try it out". Well, I've taken it for three nights now and here is my report:
When I lay down I still feel my legs/arms starting to get numb.
But I fall asleep so quickly and sleep so soundly that i sorta don't care.
It turns out this is a RAD "nigh-night" pill for me. So, should I report back to her that I still feel the numbness coming on? Cuz right now I don't wanna give up my sleepytime candy.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

My christmas present from Shed
I finally got around to putting pictures in my cute present that Shed got me for Christmas. It is a "wall system" to put your pictures in. I heart it.
A close up of the pictures I chose. Each of those was taken by either myself or Shed so they all have significance to our lives btw.

Friday, February 01, 2008

1. Thinking of redoing the flooring in my house. Want a wood look. Do not want real wood. Sooo, tile (looks like wood) or laminate? Those of you with opinions chime in now.
2. Superbowl party at the Shedertons this weekend. Can anyone say "finger foods"?
3. Is anyone as SICK to death of the writer's strike as I am? I need my TV people.
4. I saw the RADDEST movie last night, "The King of Kong". It's a documentary about classic arcade game players. I HIGHLY recommend it.
5. Obsessed with dark chocolate covered almonds. I think I might need an intervention soon.

6. RAD

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