Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've been known to get sentimental

It's not like I'm sitting around the computer for the last two hours going through old photos on my hard drive or anything.

It's also true that I did not have to go get some tissue to wipe the tears away.
Where has my life gone?!

I would like to take this moment to apologize for my little ones overall.....situation.  I'm pretty sure Brains didn't care at the time but still.  It's my duty.
Speaking of Brains, he's interested in growing his hair like "all the guys" do these days.  I keep showing him this picture and have suggested the "bowl" option instead.

He walked away silently.  Accept I could hear his eyes rolling after he turned around.  I have GREAT hearing!

And it's a little known fact that Cracker had a thick head of dark brown hair as a little.

It's more commonly known that he was a fatso baby fatso!!

^^The last part of that sentence should be said with a low, raspy and intense voice.  

I'll wait while you try it.

Now, doesn't that sound....delicious?

Another fact that I feel you should know is that I'm biting my knuckles so hard right now I just tasted blood.

Sentimental indeed.

It's almost like my computer hard drive was plotting against me today.

She (cuz we all know computers are girls) called up Father Time and said, "Let's mess with Memzy today.  She could use a good flush of her tear ducts".

I cry, "Rude!  No fair.  And I had other stuff to do these past two hours that did not involve my reproductive system to lament and dispair!"

They didn't listen to me.  

In fact, Father Time never returns my texts.

But then I am reminded of moments like temper tantrums...

Growing a watermelon inside your abdomen and then respectively.....uh....getting it out.
Nutrition concerns or lack thereof, which includes and is mostly accompanied by......mess.

Diaper doody.
^^pun toooootally intended.

Potty training

And then I think to myself...

Yup, I'm good.  

I'm off to do some kid free errand running!!

Take THAT Father Time!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Como se dice.......vacation?

Two solid weeks of vacay.

Can you believe it?!!?

Me neither.

Until now.

2010 was nasty.  And we decided that to make it through the holidays this year we needed to get away.

Good choice.

Viva la 2011 !!!!!!!!

I'm getting off track.  Just to let you know, I took about 350 pictures while down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  And up until this point I've been paralyzed by posting a concise yet,....Memzy-like.....recap of said two weeks in paradise.

Don't worry, I figured it out.  I narrowed it down.

::collective sigh of relief::

Here are a list of activities we enjoyed while in Mexico over Christmas:

* sleeping in
* zipline (see HERE)
* snorkeing
* Go carts
* movies
* ice skating
* ATV's
* beach/sand/water/etc
* bowling
* eating out....a lot
* swimming pool
* whale watching boat tour
* swimming with dolphins
* reading/watching TV/general slothfulness
* bungee swing

We will see pics of some and others not, but just trust me on this.  AV, am I missing anything?

As I look back on this vacation of a lifetime I realized what a good mom I am.

::crickets chirping::

::nervous laughter::

Actually, a more accurate statement would be what a good mom I had and how I'm luckily smart enough to replicate her ways.

I'm no dummy.

So, I present to you "MY MOMMY TAUGHT ME GOOD...and other various thoughts"

Mother's wisdom rule #1: Never take your eyes off the road

They don't always listen tho.

Mother's wisdom #2: Bathe daily (accessories optional)

Mother's Wisdom #3: You can make anything look fashionable, even headgea
(see further evidence HERE on my mom's blog)

Mother's Wisdom #4: Always eat your favorite food on your birthday
 (even if it's Italian and you just happened to be in Mexico)

Wisdom #5: Slow down and simplify your life

(Christmas eve dinner)

(Char Char spent no less than 3 hours in this exact spot humming and feeling this sand)

Wisdom #6: Nature can be fun

You see the whale right?

Wisdom #7: Confidence will take you places

Wisdom #8:  It's ALWAYS more fun when Gramma's around

Wisdom #9: Stick with dad and you'll be safe

(though some of these pics might be argued differently)

(notice the itty bitty Brains and Shed falling thousands of feet at 100mph)

Wisdom #10: Use the buddy system

Wisdom #11: Smile often

Even if you're nervous that your dad and biggest brother might die while jumping off a gondola

Looks like my kids are listening.  ::pats self on back::




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