Sunday, November 30, 2008


Just a little note to put you gize "on notice". My compy is totally deadersed. Like the in a ditch kind. I am typing this from the office of cute Aunt Visor that let me come over tonight to borrow her healthy computer. And to top it all off, Shed is out of town on his "Man"cation for a week. So, if I don't get somebody over FORliteralRIGHTAWAY to fix it, I thought you peeps should know. Call me on the real phone if you know of a good computer doctor. This is SOOO un-fun making. Ping you later.

Friday, November 21, 2008


No spoilers here. You gize all know the story line so it won't be ruining it or anything. I have to say I had such a FUN time last night with girlfriends and food and talking and,....oh yeah.....THE TWILIGHT MOVIE. I know most of my friends weren't that into it. But after dreaming of the movie all night and replaying the whole thing to my very interested hubby (read: sarcasm there) I am forced to admit that I LOVED IT. Here are some of my favorite things (sung like Sound of Music):

1. Bella turned out WAAAAY better on film than in the movie trailers or posters. I hearted her.
2. I didn't buy into the actor they had playing Edward until about 5.7 minutes into the movie. Then I was putty in his hands. It was all over.
3. Forks was perfect--cuz you know I've been there and stuff.
4. Charlie was perfect, just how I pictured/imagined his character.
5. The inside of Charlie's house was perfect.
6. The baseball game in the meadow had my heart doing palpitations. Someone call Carlisle, right?
7. Edward and Bella up in the tree by his house.
8. Carlisle and Esme were perfect.
9. The scene where the cars race out of the garage and Edward is left standing there.
10. The way Edward became more relaxed as he and Bella fell in love.
11. The last dance at the Prom. How HAWT was he in that suit?

There were some things that I thought were total cheese and actor's that I literally lol'd at. But I don't want to tell you about that cuz it may spoil it for you. And who cares anyway?

Hello, my name is Memzy Shederton and I am a Twilight addict/movie sucker.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Judge Me

My totally BFF Stephenie Meyer wrote some books, don't know if you've heard of them. And they made them into a MOVIE, you gize! So, I made two more BFF's while they shot the movie. Here are my peeps.

I need to be supportive. So, I am obviously going to be at the midnight showing tomorrow night of TWILIGHT THE MOVIE. Yes, I am a grown woman, ................with children, ..............and a mortgage, ..............and laundry, ................and a very UN-fictional life. Who may or may not be in love with a fictional vampire character. You got something to say to me about that? ::snicker:: So, in short, I should be embarrassed. Ashamed, even, of my behavior. But I'm not cuz then I wouldn't be posting it for all the world to see.

In other news, since I know there are some other readers out there who are crazy for books like me. You have to check out this Smart Remarks Book Club.

It is an online book review club and everyone/anyone is invited to join in on the fun. The current book for this next months selection is:

I've been waiting for it to come in the mail from Amazon for days and it finally arrived yesterday. I haven't put it down since, except to brush my teeth and change the TV station for my kids. And in honor of such a book I decided to make my own "Ugly" picture. Do you gize like it? (ps. my husband couldn't look me in the eyes during this photo session. He was creeped out. Mission accomplished!)
And it's true isn't it? Not all that glitters is hovery.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you know what?  I know stuff.  And I have a gift of telling people what to do.  What's that called?-----Advice.  And by the way, I give it.  And it's good.

Good advice (fast and furious style):
1. Don't put the milk in your cereal that has been left out on the counter for any amount of time over 5 minutes.  That's just gross.  Milk in your cereal needs to be ice cold.  Everybody knows that so don't be dumb.  You'll be sorry and waste a perfectly good bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats w/almonds.
2. No one likes "that time of the month".  No one.  Just in case you ever questioned that.  
3. Sleep is really good.  It's like a drug.  And one of those drugs that you won't be in danger of breaking the word of wisdom for.  Try to get as much as possible.
4. Kids early bed times are very good.  
5. A bagel with raisins is a perfectly acceptable choice for one serving of fruit.  
6. Making pancakes from scratch is not worth it.  
7. Try not to clean out your family car too often.  Then people might think you don't actually have kids.  Cuz who, with kids, really keeps their car THAT clean?  No one.  Unless you are an alien or robot or something.  And then I don't trust you anyway.  Besides, those stale french fries might come in handy.
8. Don't put away all your "summer clothes" in Bake-town until you are well within a week of Christmas.  Because, ::sigh::, you never know (ie. high of 80 today).
9. Having your kids hair combed and matching outfits on every day is overrated.  And what really is wrong with a sleep shirt and ill-fitting, clashing corduroy pants with holes in the knees?  Nothing I say.
10. Laundry "day" can last for up to a week.  Don't confine yourself to societal ideals of time and space.

Now it's your turn:  I'm all ears and typing fingers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Primary Irreverence?

Have I told you gize how my littlest child is OBSESSED with Halloween? No? Well, yeeeeah. I kid you not when I say he's been talking about it for a whole year since the LAST Halloween. And now that we just finished another, something like this happens:

Char was asked to give the prayer in primary today. I completely forgot and also figgered the kid can do it by himself, right? He asks for plenty of "bless us to have lots of cuddle-wuddles", or "bless papa to come home from the hospital", or "thanks for that I don't have to get a shot" and stuff like that at home. So, he's good to go. Well, as I round the corner in the church today heading for the primary room, one of the presidency (Hi Molly!) tells me all excitedly what Charlie had to say in his prayer today.

"I'm thankful for Halloween and I am thankful for trick or treating and I am sad that it is over. In the name.........."

So, my question in this. How in the aych am I going to be able to make this kid wait a year for another Halloween? He's even asking for "halloween stuff" on his Christmas list.

ps. He also told me today that Turkey's like to be killed so we can eat them. And followed with a, "I think I'm right, mom."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Those are fer realz!

I'm not kidding, you gize. Those eyes really are THAT blue. No photoshopping those peepers! Can you believe it? Thanks, Sharol, for letting me take them and for the gift card. (I caved too, you gize, I drank a Diet Soda with her gift card to Sonic tonight. ::hanging head in shame:: At least I went FOUR looooong days, right?)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did somebody say School Picture Day?

It's that time of year, isn't it? I may have mentioned to a few of you that I forgot to fill out the little paper thingy for picture day. This paper lets you choose the packet selection for the pictures you want to buy, along with the background color or any extras that you might desire. So, apparently if the parents don't turn this in on time, they let the kids pick which background color they want. I guess blue is not so bad. This one actually coordinates with his shirt and eyes.

But what about this little gem?

Have mercy, I heart that kid.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Will the aqua and peach color combination ever come back in style? Are they called nylons, stockings or hose? What about this perm? You've got questions,.....I've got answers. Have you gize heard that I give good advice?

Good Advice #1: Do NOT consider you dreams any form of real life. If you have a dream about going to church in a Halloween costume and giving the RS lesson on the benefits of milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate.............then coming home to a spontaneous dance off which includes yourself, Landee, and various forms of the running man (which you win, obviously)...............which is followed by a trip to the grocery store while wearing a unitard that turns into a concert that stars you and your band named "Gotta Love Emmy"..........................IT ISN'T REAL, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. No matter how much you want to shut your eyes and pretend. (except for the unitard---no one would wish that on their worst enemy).

Good Advice #2: Don't try to open the passenger side car door while stopped at a stop light to talk to your friend in the car next to you because the window on that side is broken. That's just dumb. Use your brain because the light will turn green and you won't be able to get it closed all the way and soooo...............

Good Advice #3: When you are doing a fitness challenge with friends and there are weekly challenges for points,....and the one with the most points happens to be a "no soda week"....DON'T PICK THAT CHALLENGE. It is only day two people and I wanna rip somebody's head off. I might falter by tomorrow. That is, if I take my own advice, right?

K, you know the drill my friends..................................

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Any given Saturday during the fall you can find men of various ages, etc., tuned in to the Mountain West Channel (which we switched cable providers for only that reason) to watch the BYU football game.  Shed is ALWAYS involved and has usually prepped me far ahead of the season with things like, "just letting you know I'm gonna be unavailable and glued to this TV for 3-4 hours every Saturday" and such.  But this weekend we had an extra special visitor straight from the Parks PALS hood adorned with his BYU shirt and all (cuz they don't win if he doesn't wear it you gize).  Hollah Uncle Visor!!! (otherwise more commonly known as my dad)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Procrastination really does have it's benefits

Like, for example:

*perusing the internet
*watching mindless TV shows (except for Heroes--That one hurts my brain)
*Dirt, smudges, wall dings, etc., from your three crazy boys don't bother you at all

And yet, when you snap out of that procrastination fog after, say, many, many years. You can actually come out with something like this:

Introducing my new and improved bathroom! (Previously untouched since we moved in almost 8 years ago.) ::clapping and applause::
The wall color, I like to call, "grayish-purplish-bluey". I copied it from a friend (Hollah Gretchen) and had been waiting for my un-procrastination hormone to kick in.
Notice my cute little name thingy on the right there that Landee gave me a while back (woot woot). Now, I just need to tackle caulking those baseboards that were put in last February. I think I'll wait a few more years tho.


In honor of Amanda's post I'd like to show you all one of my fave pictures of da man. Can you stand it?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In honor of the election

In honor of the election yesterday, I'd like to post a few pics of the most smartiest political gal that I know. I got to have a whirlwind day with Quesetescapa and her family on Sunday. Up at 6am, drove to SB, baby blessing at church, lunch afterward, then pics at the beach, then drive home. It was super fun. Thanks for having me, Queso, and I will get that CD to you sooooon. I promise.

I HEART you Queso!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Every one needs help...well except for me. Wait, I take that back. I need help helping you.
And if I don't help you there is a pretty good chance your life will fall apart. And no blame can be put on me because of your lack of asking for help.
Hey, you trust me right? You know I know what's best for you.
"Should I put on Ketchup or Mustard first?"
"Should I hang up that poster of the new "90210" cast or not?"
You've got questions,....I've got answers. I love to give advice.
Good Advice #1: After-Halloween sales are there for a reason. When you hear from someone that they sell black velvet capes in the adult costume section at Walmart, head over there PRONTO. Cuz now you will have your very own, full length cape for your next girls trip. Not a kid size version in bright red (not that I don't appreciate Landee's helpfulness there). Seattle Six Hollah!
Good Advice #2: When you are running on the treadmill with your ipod blasting Guster (Jenny woot woot) at the gym and you faintly hear the speakers call a name up to the front desk....don't ignore it. Cuz it is prolly your husband who is stranded at home since you accidentally took his keys in your purse to the gym that morning and you haven't answered the cell phone he's tried to call 11teen times.
Good Advice #3: Let's say you have a history of lower back issues and your back has felt really, er, "iffy"this past week, don't try to do the full weights on your dead lifts during your gym class. Cuz then you might throw your back out fer realz and be walking slightly crooked and hurting for the next few days. In the event you (or me) don't listen to this good advice, take ibuprofen every four hours and lay down as much as possible (preferrably catching up on TV shows).
So, as usual, it's your turn. Take it away my fellow blogsters and let the questions begin!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

What day is it again?

OH.............RIGHT...........It's the day after Halloween.
Obligatory pictures. For posterity's sake of course.
Brains=Hippie Dood
Cracker=Jack from the Magic Treehouse books, detective edition (don't even get me started)
Char Char=NOT Zurg, an ALIEN fer super duh. Ward Trunk or Treat

Trick or Treating at the SNF (skilled nursing facility) to see Papa
(notice the different painted face request from Char)

Trick or Treating with the Br Boys.

Even Girlfriend dressed up.....Hollah.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

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