Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's not like you weren't expecting this

I have vivid memories of laying out all of my outfit choices days ahead of time. Trying on different things and eventually settling on my purple culotte (pronounced "cool-lot", do you remember those?) and white cotton top with mini pastel hearts all over it. I'm almost positive my hair was feathered heavily. But, to my mother's defense, I think I requested it. And the socks with the lace on them were my idea too.
But thank goodness I have boys right? Give them some t shirts and you're good to go. They DID pick out their own clothes, however. And another item in this picture was a certain person's ideas as well. I'll let you decide what that might be.

Brains starts 6th grade this year and Cracker started 3rd. Now we get to the part that causes me to pause,.................think about the meaning of life a little bit.................

and wear waterproof mascara.

Now, Shed and I, over dinner the other night were talking about our OWN Kindergarten memories. And realizing how many memories we've actually retained over the years.
Specifically, how recesses were made up entirely of "Star Wars" play. I was supposed to be Princess Leia. But my friend was a little too pushy about it being her role. And then the two "Jeff's" were Luke Skywalker and Han Solo while I was forced to choose between a storm trooper, an ewok, or an ambiguous "good guy" of some sort. ::sigh:: But you don't need to hear about that again.And then it hit me----this is the time when the memories begin. When he will remember his little buddy next door was in his class.
And how they went off playing,.................wait for it..........

Star Wars.

And how, on day two, his mom let him wait for the bus (with Aunt Visor watching too of course). Even though he had to have a lamerz tag safety pinned to his shirt that made sure he got to the right "place/bus/teacher chaperoned" to get there on the way home.
And then how he got all giddy when the big bus pulled up with lights flashing and stopped....................just. for. him.

And then he will remember how he got to pick his own seat and drive away waving to mom and gramma as he went.
It's a really good thing I chose waterproof mascara for day two also.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts

In a last effort to squeeze out as much as we could from the proverbial toothpaste tube of summer fun,.....we hit Huntington Beach CA last week for our final family vacay.This vacay included a sweet steal on priceline for a hotel inches from the sand, great weather, even better food, and a freight train's worth of sand washed down the hotel shower drain (the poor maid ladies). And in experiencing such a vacation I learned some very important life lessons about myself and others and life in general. And, as I do at the University of Memzy, I will offer these things up to you now at no charge. It's like free college, but minus all the staying awake til 4am, worrying about how to get in to the dorms after hours, hitting up Hardees for fries, and cramming for finals while eating gummy bears and a barrel of Dr Pepper.

I'm too old for that you gize. Speaking of which, this little hooligan is hitting his first official public school system tomorrow, Kindergarten style. Why must you remind me?!!! You gize are MEAN.
Anyway, on to the lecture. Get your binder paper and sharpened Ticonderoga pencils ready. I've learned there are three types of people in the world. Especially three types of people in the world of "beach living".

TYPE #1: THOSE WHO TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES (whatever that may be)
(maybe jumping over 3 inch waves)
(maybe spending 30 minutes perfecting your sand ball)

(maybe another 30 minutes watching the sand crab you caught do circles in the bucket)
(maybe driving a "family bike" along the sand)

(maybe riding in the "carryall basket" of said family bike)
(maybe just pumping your don't-quite-reach-the-pedals-yet-legs as hard as you can)
(maybe making faces cuz your mom won't stop pointing the camera at you)

(maybe by taking very srsly the digging of sand holes/castles)

(maybe wearing bandaids on your forehead from taking a shovel a leeeettle too close)

(maybe by braving the frrrrrreeezing cold ocean to catch a little thrill ride)
TYPE #3: THE POSERS (you know,......those who pose)

I'll let you gize decide which one of those types of people describes ME. It's a very thought provoking question.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Disneyland you gize. Brains turns 11 today. Super funny that my 8 yr
old refuses to go on rollercoasters but my 5 year old can't get
enough. Happiest place on earth.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Huntington beach

Wish YOU were here. You know who you are.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's get this party humping!!

My friend says that ^^^^^. I would never say it. It's so crass.
I'm much too conservative and proper for that.

The day came for the actual par-tay. There were about 80 invites sent out and we had a very good showing. We did the whole shin-dig at my "crib". (tho not crass I am working on my hip-hop credibility)Tons of people brought loverly cards and we set up a book that peeps could sign notes, etc. Obviously my parentals are beloved by all.
How do you like this close up of the engagement photo? We put it on the invite too. If only beehive hurr doos were still "in". ::sigh::

Originally I had planned on doing all the food myself. Then I wised up straight away and had the main stuff catered by Sorella's Italian Restaurant. I would HIGHLY recommend it. The owner lady was fab and the food was drool worthy and the price was even better!!

Salad and cheesy garlic bread.

Two pastas: chicken artichoke in Alfredo, and homemade beef ravioli

I'm hoping you aren't noticing me sitting at that table licking my fingers. My bro-in-law kindly offered to take the pics this night since I would be managing the food. And you can see how clearly I WASN'T managing the food here. In more ways than one. I'm not embarrassed.

My sis on the left and my Doctor Bro on the right.
My sis is going to have a little side biz of cake decoration.............if I have anything to say about it. She made this cake for the night. Gorge.

But, you know, no party is complete without a margarita man machine? My other bro was in charge of beverages. I think he's proud don't you?

Dessert bar!!!! Chocolate fondue you gize. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate selections. (that's what I was licking off my fingers btw)
AV enjoyed it too. See, the finger in the mouth thing is hereditary I think.

UV with my cute nieces Tasha and Christine (aka Kook Aid Baby)

Deco fer rizzles.

I'm totally their favorite.

Happy Anniversary to my parentals and thanks to my siblings for traveling and helping out so much!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the 4-0 continues: part two

I remember once when I was a kid just DYING to have a Cabbage Patch doll of my own. You know, this was 1983 and I was 8 years old and CPKids were huuuuuge. They were also totally expensive. So, my mom took me downtown to a locally owned craft shop and bought me a "knockoff" that some lady from Oildale had made. (In all fairness, my parents did eventually buy me the real thing but just couldn't afford it at the time). I hope it didn't show but I was incredibly disappointed.

Yeah, this was NOTHING like that.

Prezzie time for the lovers of 40years!! We all gathered that morning to take pictures and see them open each other's gifts. Aunt Visor had spent hours putting together a photo book for Uncle Visor of all their years together. It's a lot of work. You're gonna have to trust me on this. He lurved it!!! Doyee. And then it was her turn for a gift.
Again,...this was nothing like the CPK debacle of 1983.
She received a silver photo locket with her inish engraved on the front. She's been wearing it ever since. I think I even saw her come out of the shower with it on the other day.


Then it was time for our little contribution from the Visor's offspring. My biggest bro had their wedding photo made into a canvas print and framed. I'm pretty sure it's mounted over their bed right now. AV you can correct me if I'm wrong.

I dare any of you to claim you have cuter parents than these.

Triple dog dare even.

Here lies the grandchildren of those cuties. I think they might be pretty cute themselves but I'm biased. (or so I'm told but whatever)

This next picture might be bearing the fruits of that Cabbage Patch Doll seed of yesteryear.

I'm not sure our family ever got over it. Trickle down.....
When life throws you lemons...make lemonade.

Either that or seek medical help.

. this whole story about the cabbage patch doll is definitely true tho I was only using it as a literary device to catch your attention and it in no way implies that I am emotionally damaged by receiving such a gift. I just like to sound witty to cover up my nerdyness.

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