Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warmth DOES cover the wind

When I was in the 3rd grade, Mrs. Drath, Stockdale Elementary School, life was good. We were "Drath's Dragons" and were in the lead for most books read between all of the 3rd grade classes. My desk was in the back of the room, close to the drinking fountain and I could even reach the trash can with a crumpled paper free-throw style. But that was only when my teacher wasn't looking. Because, let's face it,....I'm a rule keeper. Always have been. And always will be. Just ask the security people in any airport I've traveled recently. But that's another post.

Anyway, my color card was on green 99.9% of the time, my mom was giving me homemade cookies in my lunch that week, and I nailed the kickball in P.E. the day before bringing us ahead of Mrs. Pruett's class for the win. But my chinese jump roping skillz had gone flat, and I'd taken to playing soccer with a "not so popular kid who was nice" out in the farthest part of the field every recess. This had been going on for quite a few weeks and lots of the "popular" kids kept asking me "Why are you playing with so-in-so by yourself every day?" My answer was simple right? Cuz I want to.

Cut to Brain F. The most popular, hawtest thing that had ever hit Stockdale Elementary. He never paid me any attention. Ever. Until one fateful day he and his posse came strolling to the very end of the field where Daniel and I were passing the soccer ball around. Now....picture the scene, ....fog rolling in around the posse, Daniel and I holding our positions 10 yards apart, Brian F. taking a front and center position with his peeps flanking either side. And then THIS happens:

Brain F: Memzy, will you "GO WITH" me? (don't ask "go where?" cuz you gize know what that meant)

Memzy: (flushed and stunned with dumb look on her face)::breathlessly:: Yes

Brain F: I break up.

Cut to laughter and high fives as the posse un-flanks and walks back toward the playground. To Daniel's credit, he never said a word about it and acted like nothing had happened. We did some more sweet soccer kicks until recess was over and I got my skin back to it's normal color instead of the crimson red of embarrassment.

It may be interesting for you to know that later that year Brain F. asked me to go with him again fer realz, to which I played hard to get for obvious reasons. He finally begged me enough times (via, "mark yes or no" notes) for me to eye him over the trash can that joined our two classrooms and nod yes. I'm sure it was my skillz on the dodge ball court that finally made him notice me. Either that or my purple coolottes. We ended up "going together" until 4th grade and my mom spotted his name written all over my tennis shoes. She told me he wasn't such a nice kid and I promptly broke up with him the very next day. Rule keeper.

The reason I tell you all this is because yesterday while stripping the sheets of my middle boyer's bed I found this:

Soooo, yeah.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because I'm in a blogging funk

This is what I've got people. 5 (and a half) year olds are funny.

Monday, January 18, 2010

For old times sake

FHE last night we jumped into the past. Thanks Sam for making these years ago. Look how tiny my boys were!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Visor's make it official

I'm their favorite and no one need wonder anymore. I just hope my three siblings (all three who graduated as Cougs) take it OK. ::pretend saddy face for them::

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's that one in 100,000 thing

I have this weird body. All my life I've had these unusual symptoms with stuff that is rare. Nothing has ever been serious or life threatening. Always just enough to annoy me and my whole family. The most extreme case, however, was when I was a senior is high school and was undergoing a series of tests for an upper GI pain that had been going on for months and was, thus far, undiagnosed. Cut to the CT scan waiting room in which you could pick the regular contrast-dye for the test, or pay a bunch of extra and get the non-ionic contrast dye. only 1 in 100,00 are allergic. Easy choice right? Now cut to me losing my ability to breath and the nurses and doctors knocking me out. Cut to me waking up to AV crying next to me in a hospital bed and my face strongly resembling Bloat (that's the puffer fish from Finding Nemo, you gize). Anyway,......I was allergic.

No big deal. I've learned to live with that sorta stuff. My hubby lovingly refers to those "Weird Memzy Issues". Isn't he sweet? But the unfortunate part is that it looks like I've passed along the "weirdo" gene to one of my children.

Poor, poor Char Char Binks. Woke up Sunday with a normal face. By the time we got lunch ready after church he looks like this.

No. Clue. I texted my bro (the DOCTOR) this picture and asked him to diagnose him for me. (Those years of medical school and his suffering have really paid off for me you gize). So, we thought it was some strange allergic reaction to something. Half the time no one even knows how this happens. But then the next day he started having....

(warning: do not read if you don't like hearing gross stuff!)

the runs, rhea, the squirts

This is really unheard of since the kid has been chronically constipated since he was potty trained. No other symptoms. Happy as a clam. His face has gone down now but the "other" unmentionable remains. How can I send the kid to school like that when a "bout" may occur right in the middle of coloring time? I can't I tell you.

Aren't you glad you came to this site?

PS. Lots of extra laundry happening around here.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas, Cameras, and Canines

What a great Christmas. I think my kids would unanimously agree that this was one of their best yet. Here is a very blurry pic of Christmas morning waiting to head out and see what Santa brought.


This is one of the few and consistently out-of-focus pictures I have of the best Christmas ever.

WHY? ::choking back a sob::

My camera is BROKED!!!! Yuppers. Lots of frustration. 2 out of 10 pictures turning out. Multiple calls into customer service (very helpful people btw). Turns out is has some major issue and I have to mail it in to be fixed. ::watching it drive away on the FedEx truck, single tear::

No pic of Christmas Eve games and treats here at my house with the Waite's on Christmas Eve. No pics of the kids faces as they opened their goodies. No pic of the kids playing their new Wii together. No pic of me getting worked over by Brains in Wii boxing. No pic of my Wii boxing injury from repeatedly trying to beat Brains in that game. No pic of Shed taking a nap on the couch. No pic of Christmas dinner at the Visor's house and all the nummy food and people there.

You gize will just have to use your imaginations on those. As will I.

But what I do have for you, thanks to Shed's iphone, is this video.

We. Got. A. Dog.

^^Never thought those words would escape my mouth. After years and years of begging, the boys finally got what they wanted. Specifically Cracker. He cried on and off for a few minutes he was so happy.

Se, we've had her for a week now and here is the rundown of information:


We got her from the pound. She is 3 1/2 yrs old. A scraggly stray. Some type of Terrier mix with some Chihuahua and maybe a little Pug or something (hence the twisty tail?). We named her Rue. I might have done some persuading with the name but the kids all voted on it. She was already house trained, responds to her name, and has yet to bark. After a visit to the groomers and a nice bath she's not too shabby.


::sigh:: Ok,.......I think she's growing on me.

Oh, and Happy New Year you gize!!!

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