Monday, March 31, 2008

My little sis has a baby
A week ago Saturday my sis had her third baby. She requested that I be the photographer/videographer for the labor and delivery. And the little one waited for Auntie Memzy to be there because she arrived just hours after I rolled into town from Mayheeeco. My mom was there too and everyone was excited.
My bro-in-law sweats when he gets nervous and so I suggested he go Rocky-style.
Before I get to the last pic I should tell you a few things:
My sis had two previous babies. The first was induced 4 days late weighing 9lbs.
The second was induced 8 days late weighing 9lbs3oz.
This one she didn't want to be induced and so didn't end up going into labor until 10 days past her due date. All was well until the last couple of minutes. The baby's head was out but her shoulders were stuck (shoulder distocia?). So, within a very short period of time they had to get the baby out or she would lose oxygen. So, short story long, the doctor broke little baby's arm (the humurous bone at the top) to get her out. It was sad and scary for a bit but baby and mom are doing fine and she should heal quickly. By the way: 9lbs 13oz!!!


Emily said...

Wow! What an ordeal--and HUMONGO baby!! Congratulations to Becca and her family! What's the name??

SAS said...

Tell Becca congrats! What a tiny little......what's her name? I hope everyon's well! Did they have to cast her arm? Poor baby!

Memzy said...

Her name is Clara. No cast, just a sling for a few weeks. She is gynormous!

Vegas Family said...

Congrats to your sis. How fun that you were able to be there.
I love the name!

abutler said...

Oh poor baby girl and mom. I guess there is something to say for being induced a little early?

cyndi said...

Oh my goodness that is a big baby to birth. Poor baby isn't delivery scary--phew I can't believe she didn't want to be induced!!! I am all over that. I hope your sis and baby are doing good now. I can't believe almost 10 lbs ---insane!

roxie said...

Was this blog entry intended to be some sort of birth control strategy? Seriously.

Amanda said...

I just got Becca's email announcement. Clara is already a chubby thing. But I LOVE chubby babies!!!

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