Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bright Sun and Finally Gone

This child is 7 1/2 years old.

This child just NOW lost his two front teeth.

This child has a mother who had 6 baby teeth pulled as a child herself because they wouldn't fall out.  Attached to the teeth were 1/2 inch roots.  

This child's mother took those "baby teeth" to show and tell in the 3rd grade and showed them as baby shark teeth.  No one questioned her.

This child was forced to look into the sun while I took his picture.

This child said, "Are we done?" 12teen times.

This child was a baby wanting his "baba" only yesterday.

This child will receive spankings with a paddle tonight for growing up.  I told him not to.


Cristin said...

Shark teeth??? awesome.

I tell my kids to stop growing up and they don't listen. Little turds never do.

Jenny ESP said...

Baby shark teeth! Hilarious!! I said "ha!" so loud that my 6 year old jumped.

We keep our teeth forever too. Gus lost his two front teeth when he was 9. And I had four baby teeth pulled when I was in highschool. Wish it would have occured to me to pass them off as shark teeth.

Katie said...

Whoever stole his teeth stole my heart along with them.

PS - I LOVE your header picture.

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