Tuesday, October 25, 2011

By The Numbers

327--Number of times in the past 10 days that I've squealed or moaned while in the process of sitting or standing.  (I'm doing an 8 week Boot Camp with some friends and let's just say some of my muscles are re-introducing themselves to me.)

4-5 on average--Number of times I el-oh-el at something Char Char says to me each day.  For example, the other day while trying to figure out "popularity" he says to me.  "Well mom, I think that kids think I'm popular because of what I do at recess".  Me - What is that?  Him - "Well I started a club with my friends where we walk around real slow and gangster-like around the playground at recess.  I'm the president and I named it the Chuck Norris Club."

0--Number of times I've made my bed in the past week.  It's a block I'm having.  Sort of like writer's block.  But without creative thinking and staring at a computer screen.

1--Number of soccer games we've won while playing on the Adult Co-ed Soccer team (C league even). We've played about 8 games so far.  Math is hard but I'm pretty sure that's not a high percentage.  

Infinity--Number of times the jeans come out of my front loading washer twisted up into ropes/knots.  Any advise you may have would be appreciated.  I've tried different methods of  placing the pants in, re-shaping them before drying, letting them air dry, and even screaming at them and nothing helps.

3--Number of times I've walked past a tiny dog Halloween costume and considered buying one for our rat....ahem....terrier/chihuahua.

0.48--Numbers of seconds it took me to realize what the heck was I thinking and reason that I'm this close ::holding fingers together:: to losing all of the sanity I may have left.

4:30--Numbers on my clock when the alarm goes off every Mon-Fri for above mentioned Boot Camp.  Funny story about that.  When Boot Camp is over and we are driving home it's just after 6am and I've caught myself thinking, "They are just now exercising?"  What's happening to me?!

7--Number of days until myself, Aunt Visor, and my BabyBaby Sister (I know how much she loves it when I call her that) attend SYTYCD right here in B-town!!  I plan on taking video when AV shrieks with delight.


Carol said...

LOVE the new pictures and background. Those are some handsome boys!!!!
* boot camp? Crazy
*dog costume--already have Rosie's
*sanity is over rated
*SYTYCD!!!!! Yeah baby !!!!!

Krissy said...

If you are getting up at 4:30 in the am then you should be allowed to leave your bed unmade for the rest of your life. SYTYCD???? So jealous! Love your new header, your fam is gorgeous!

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