Thursday, October 06, 2011

That's So Random

1. Have any of you watched the show "That's So Random" on Disney Channel?  I've found myself doing dishes or cooking dinner and suddenly I realize I've been standing still for 15 minutes not scrubbing a single dish or browning a single piece of meat.  I guess I'm still a kid at heart?  It's like a clean, younger version of Saturday Night Live and it makes my kids lollerz.

2.  Char Char is obsessed with Halloween.  Have I mentioned before?  He wants to DAILY decorate/craft/do something having to do with this holiday.  I'm not a huge fan of the deco for this one.  So, it's a stretch for me.  But I do enjoy seeing him do a happy dance in the kitchen when I show him the light up skeleton I got at TJ's today.  My only lament is that he no longer pronounces it "Hayoween".

3.  One more day of wearing these granny compression stockings!!  I knew you'd want to know.

4.  I've had a strange desire over the last 10 years or so to punch someone in the face.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't an anger issue.  And it really doesn't matter who it is (although if the local news weather person were standing in front of me that'd make is easier).  I just want to know what it feels like.  And, to be honest, I want to know if I throw a good punch or not.  So, maybe that local news person wouldn't be a good judge of my right hook.  Any volunteers let me know.

5. I've been sick for almost a month.  Not the lay-in-bed-can't-move sort of sick.  The just-enough-to-be-really-annoying-and-make-you-drag kind of sick. Still functioning in real life and stuff. Got a blood test.  Turns out I have mono!!!  I guess I've been kissing too many boys?  Either way, this is the note my child left me yesterday (spelling and punctuation exactly as written):

"mom i'm so sory that your sick so I desideed to rite a fu sentensis about you starteing now    
roses are red villets are blue shuger is sweet and so are you
heres another one       why are you sick you sholde'nt be sick because you sueer are nice and your the best mom in the whole world not because your butifull because you you and I love you so much your hair is made of medall"

6.  It finally changed weather around these parts.  63 high today.  Brrrrrr!!!

7. Prepare for the season of scarves on Memzy cuz I'm obsessed.

8. On a scale of 1 to 10 how lame is it to be obsessed with an accessory?

9. On a scale of 1 to 10 how amaze-ball are scarves?

10.  I hate cooking.  Did you know?  I DO it.  Trust me I do.  But I find no joy in the task.  I think my perfect world would be one in which I had a personal chef cook my families meals for us.  Also, I'd have a Diet soda fountain in my house......with foam cups and crushed ice.  And in that perfect world I could also run 5 miles a day and look like this:

Just Kidding.  I'd want to look like this actually.


Landee said...

Riley really needs to work on his grammar and spelling... yikes!

#2) Love TSR... we say "You're not gonna believe this..." about one bazillion times a day around these here parts.

As for your #4, you might wanna rein that one in. What's next, you just want to know what it feels like to stab someone? Rein. It. In.

And finally, #10, you already have a freaking maid. Fhs.

eekareek said...

You can punch me in the face. I have a feeling it won't hurt...

Carol said...

You shouldda warned me about that last picture. I was cruizin along, enjoying/laughing at your wit and then BAM!! Scarey creature. That'a a man, right? And next time I see Charlie I'm gonna MAKE him say hayoween.

Flem said...

I would like to see you punch a principal or teacher in the face to prove a philosophical point. Any point, really.

I would like you to record it and then I will share it with other edu-crusaders.

Jenny ESP said...

Eek had mono when she was a kid. It was awesome cuz we got to take turns staying home from school with her. Remember that, eek?

I need to hear Charyee say hayoween again, so can you post the video? Please tell me you have that on video.

You can punch me in the face if I can shoot you in the gut. I've always wanted to gut-shoot someone. The look on their face afterward... like they know they're a goner. Gut-shot. Might as well dig your grave now.

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